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There are also a number of programs throughout the province that help people manage their cardiovascular health. Click on the map below to find out more about the programs in your area.


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Annapolis Valley Health Authority


Extended Warranty II Valley Cardiac Rehabilitation
(Kentville)679-2657 ext. 1360
Extended Warranty II Valley Cardiac Rehab Program is a 10 week program for people with heart disease, stroke and heart failure. The program includes education sessions, exercise sessions and cooking classes. We accept referrals from family doctors and specialists. Partners are encouraged to attend the education and cooking sessions. We have a rolling enrolment and enter a new group every 5 weeks.

Heart Function Clinic 679-2657 ext 1360
is available through the Valley Regional Hospital by specialist referral only. Patients will see a nurse and specialist; the visit includes education, drug titrations and more. This clinic is offered in Middleton twice a month

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Cape Breton Health Authority

Cape Breton Cardiac Wellness Society 563-8567
A community program that incorporates two exercise classes and one education class per week for 9 weeks. During the exercise lass, a nurse monitors participants' blood pressure and heart rates in response to exercise. The education classes include topics such as understanding heart disease, medications, nutrition and cooking and stress management. The program runs three times per year in Sydney , Glace Bay and North Sydney . Once the core program is completed, participants have the option of continuing to exercise with the group.

Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehab 563-8566
Referrals accepted from physicians or health care professionals. Patients see a nurse for a pre-assessment and a cardiologist to determine the testing required prior to initiation in the program.

Cape Breton Heart Function Clinic 567-8066 To provide outpatient care to adults with Heart Failure, by referral from family doctor or internist.

Cardiac Wellness Program offered through Cape Breton University and Cape Breton Heart & Lung Wellness Centre 563-8567 or 563-1633
To promote heart health and enhance quality of life for those at risk of or with heart disease. A nine week program, in which people attend 3 times per week. Patients can self refer to the program.

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Capital Health

Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Health in Motion 473-3846
Cardiac rehab program to improve client's ability to take control of their heart health, quality of life, and physical functioning. Targets individuals with heart disease, following open-heart surgery or with peripheral vascular disease. Exercise, education, risk factor modification, nutritional assessment, support. Referral by any health care professional.

The Heart Show - Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Health in Motion Program 473-3846
Series of three outpatient education sessions by a team of health care professionals to help you understand and take control of your heart health. Heart Show topics include: My Heart/Risk Factors, My Nutrition and My Medication/Exercise. No referral or advance booking required

Community Cardiovascular Hearts in Motion (Dartmouth, Sackville, Spryfield) 473-3744
This program, a research study still accepting patients, is 12 weeks long and consists of exercise, risk factor modification, nutrition and stress management education with a home exercise/nutrition component. Patients return at 6 and12 months. Referrals accepted from physicians and health professionals for patients with established as well as those at high risk for developing vascular disease (CAD, PVD, CVD).

Heart for Life: Cardiac Fitness Program 420-5555
The Tower, Saint Mary's University, 920 Tower Road, Community-based organization, providing education and safe, monitored exercise programs to strengthen your heart and get you back into life. Includes activities, exercises, and informal education session. Membership fees apply. Doctor or cardiologist referral needed.

Heart Failure Clinic (general medicine) 473-3205
We treat, educate and support patients with heart failure and their families. The clinic is run by a nurse practitioner who works collaboratively with internists. The clinic is located on the 4th floor of the Dickson Centre. Referrals from physicians are accepted.
Heart Failure Clinic (cardiology) 473-3802
The clinic is located 2nd floor Halifax Infirmary. For on-going comprehensive treatment of FCIII-IV heart failure patients and their families including education, medication adjustment and active medical treatment of acute decompensated episodes. Cardiologist referral required.

Hypertension Clinic (general medicine) 473-4309
We treat, educate and support patients with hypertension and their families. People, ranging in age from very young adults to the elderly, are seen in the clinic from across the province with essential or secondary hypertension, and mild to resistant hypertension. The clinic has a nurse practitioner who works collaboratively with internists. The clinic is located on the 4th floor of the Dickson Centre. Referrals from physicians throughout the province are accepted.

Shaking the Salt Habit 465-8532                                             
The Nutrition Education Clinic, Dartmouth General Hospital offers a patient education program for addressing high blood pressure and hypertension called Shaking the Salt Habit. Based on the Dietary Approach to Stop Hypertension (DASH) model, activities include learning about how much salt is too much, reading labels, dining out, adapting recipes and more.
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Heart Talk Family Conference 470-7884
An annual two-day event organized by Cardiac Care Team members to provide education and support to Maritime families of children born with heart disease. For more information, please contact the Clinical Leader, Children's Heart Centre, at the following number.

Colchester East Hants Health Authority

Heart to Heart (Developed by Heart & Stroke Foundation) (902) 893-5521
This program is helpful to anyone who has had a heart attack, heart surgery, and angina - or is a high risk candidate for heart disease. It is a community education and support program for cardiac patients and their families taught by various knowledgeable health professionals. All sessions are designed to help make living with heart disease easier for you and your caregiver. These classes are offered twice a year and each one runs for a six week period.  In each 2 hour session, you will learn about how your heart works, heart disease treatments, medications used to improve heart health, stress reduction and how to improve your eating and exercise habits to reduce your risk of further heart disease. You will be able to learn from others about what has worked for them, and offer your own ideas about dealing with the effects of heart disease. The Heart to Heart program is not intended to replace therapy or treatment. It will provide you with information and support to help you cope.

Healthy Eating for a Healthy Weight (902) 893-5554 ext 2164
This session is for anyone looking to lose weight through healthy eating and lifestyle changes. Within the class, you will:  assess your own weight status and begin to analyze your own food habits, learn to use Canada’s Food Guide as a tool for making healthy food choices, review the basics of label reading, and learn other practical tips for leading a healthy lifestyle.  The importance of working towards gradual lifestyle changes to achieve and maintain a healthy weight is reinforced. 

Healthy Heart (902) 893-5554 ext 2164
This session is for anyone that has high blood pressure or high cholesterol or at risk of heart disease. Within the class you will: learn to identify what is healthy blood pressure, review causes of high blood pressure and the harmful effects it has on your body, learn about healthy eating and its effect on blood pressure, discuss the different types of fats and their effect on cholesterol and heart health, learn practical tips on how to reduce total fat and sodium intake as well as how to boost your fiber intake.

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Cumberland Health Authority

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Guysborough Antigonish Strait Health Authority

Community Cardiovascular Hearts in Motion 735-3221 (fax #735-3043).
This program, in partnership with the Hearts in Motion Research Team in Capital Health, is 12 weeks long and consists of exercise, risk factor modification, nutrition and stress management education with a home exercise/nutrition component. Patients return at 6 and 12 months. Referrals accepted from physicians and health professionals for patients with established as well as those at high risk for developing vascular disease (CAD, PVD, CVD).

Diabetes Clinics 867-4249
These clinics provide education, support and medication management to help you control your diabetes.

Heart Health Clinic 867-4720
This heart clinic provides services to help patients manage their heart disease. People who attend this clinic will receive care from members of a health care team. These members include your Family Doctor, Nurse Practitioner and Internal Medicine Specialist. As well, depending on individual needs patients may see dietitian, physiotherapist or other health care providers if necessary.

T.E.A.M. Teaching, Eating and Activity Management for Families 735-3221
This is a fun, active program where kids and their families learn about and experience healthier options for eating and being active.

The Chronic Disease Self Management Program (CDSMP) Living a Healthy Life with Chronic Conditions 753-3222
This program is a patient education program taught by trained lay leaders. It is given once a week for 2 ½ hours, for six consecutive weeks. If you have a chronic condition such as hypertension, heart disease or diabetes, you will benefit from participating in the program.

Smoking Cessation Programs 735-3222

Six weekly 90 minute sessions providing advise and support regarding quitting smoking.
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Pictou County Health Authority

One Door Chronic Disease Management Centre 752-7600 ext 4700 (fax #752-3213)
This Centre will work collaboratively with family doctors and other health care professionals in the community to address the needs of clients diagnosed with diabetes and/or cardiovascular health issues. Referrals will be accepted from any registered health care provider.

Pictou County Cardiac Rehabilitation Program 752-7600 ext. 2480 or YMCA 752-0202
A 12 week supervised exercise program for individuals and partners living with coronary artery disease. It is held twice each week at the New Glasgow YMCA. Referrals are required from a health care provider.

Pictou County Heart and Stroke Support Group 752-3898
A support group that meets monthly, focusing on their best life with cardiovascular disease. Each meeting welcomes a guest speaker. Many of the participants are also involved in Helping Hearts, visiting patients in hospital with heart disease. No referral is required for this program.

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South Shore Health Authority

Cardiovascular Risk Factor Clinic: 543-4604 ext 2222
Patients with established cardiovascular disease, or three or more major Cardiovascular Risk Factors are referred by physicians to learn more about cardiovascular disease and how to reduce their risk. Patients and families are seen by a nurse and dietitian for one on one teaching, and are linked with education and exercise programs in the community. Patients may be followed for up top one year.

Cardiac Rehabilitation: 543-4604 ext 2222
A 12 week program of supervised exercise and education. By physician referral.  

Alternative Cardiac Rehab Programs:
By physician referral. Patients referred to the Cardiovascular Risk Factor clinic who do not require, or who are un able to commit to the full 12 week program can be followed individually for home exercise programs if appropriate, or can be referred to a privatized exercise program.   

Heart Function Clinic: 543-4604 ext 2222
Patient and family education on heart failure and/or comprehensive care provided by a Cardiac specialist. By physician referral.

Early Cardiovascular Health Education Program: 543-4606 ext 2222
Slated to begin in January 2009. This will be a group education session occurring every 2 weeks and is intended for patients and families who have recently been discharged from hospital and have been diagnosed with cardiovascular disease. Topics include coping with cardiovascular disease, warning signs, medications, physical activity and exercise. Program will deal with need to know information and will serve as a bridge between hospital care of the patient with cardiovascular disease to the long term follow up in the community, which can include the cardiovascular risk factor clinic and cardiac rehab programs.

YMCA Nice and Easy Maintenance Exercise Program: 543-9622

An exercise program ideal for stable cardiac patients who have completed cardiac rehab, or for anyone who just wants to take it nice and easy. Offered by the Lunenburg County YMCA. Ask the program instructor for more information.

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South West Health Authority

Cardiovascular Clinic 742-3542 ext 460
The cardiovascular clinic ( Yarmouth Regional Hospital , Digby Hospital , Roseway Hospital ) in South West Health aims to work with people who have experienced stroke, TIA (transient ischemic attack), and myocardial infarction. People can contact the clinic directly or have their family physician refer them. The cardiovascular clinic evolved out of the stroke clinic where all stroke patients discharged in South West Health were automatically referred to the clinic. This clinic has expanded and broadened to cardiovascular scope.

Live and Learn Educational Series 742-3542 ext 460
A program for persons with history of stroke, heart attack, TIA (mini-stroke), angina or risk factors for stroke and heart attack. Persons can register for this free 4 week (2 hours per week) program. Participants will be encouraged to set their own health goals to work towards throughout the sessions. Most presentations will take place at Yarmouth Regional Hospital but will be broadcast by Telehealth to Digby General Hospital and Roseway Hospital . Sessions are offered each spring and fall.

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