Immunization 2013

Immunization 2013

Message from

Dr. Frank Atherton,
Deputy Chief Medical Officer of Health, Province of Nova Scotia


Dr. Robin Taylor,
Medical Officer of Health, Capital District Health Authority

We recently learned of a problem with the immunization practice of one Halifax pediatrician. If you received vaccination before the age of 24 months from Dr. William Vitale between the years of 1992 and 1994 or between 2003 and now, your vaccinations may not have been administered properly and as a result you may not have immunity to certain preventable diseases.

Please contact your family physician or nurse practitioner to determine if you need to be re-immunized. If your family doctor or nurse practitioner is not available, please call 811. We are also doing our best to contact all potentially-affected patients directly in the coming weeks.

We have consulted with pediatric vaccine experts who agree that while it is important to be re-vaccinated promptly, this is not an emergency. We are encouraging patients to see their family doctor or other healthcare provider for their first re-vaccination appointment by the end of February at the latest.

Public Health is working with partners to support family doctors and nurse practitioners to re-vaccinate those affected. For patients of Dr. Vitale living in Capital Health who do not have a family doctor, please call Capital Health at 1 - 855 - 444 – 4415 for help finding a practice that is accepting new patients. Those outside Capital Health district without a family doctor are asked contact their local public health office for advice.

Nova Scotia’s childhood immunization program is the best way to ensure all of us are protected against vaccine preventable diseases.