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Latest News

37th Annual Nova Scotia 4-H Show To Be Held in Bible Hill
4-H members are looking forward to a special event this fall, the 37th annual Nova Scotia 4-H show, the largest in Canada. - 2014/09/23 - 09:33 (full text)
Contracts Awarded to Replace LaPlanche Aboiteau
Government announced today, Sept. 23, that it has signed contracts worth $5 million to allow work to begin to replace the LaPlanche Aboiteau in Cumberland County. - 2014/09/23 - 09:31 (full text)
Grade 3 Students Become Farmers for a Day
More than 300 Grade 3 students will explore traditional and modern-day farming through hands-on activities and interactive sessions with representatives from the agricultural sector. - 2014/09/19 - 14:00 (full text)

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