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Nova Scotia Farm Food & Events Calendar

Nova Scotia Farm Food and Events Calendar

This calendar is offered and managed by Perennia and the Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture, operated for the benefit of sharing information of interest to the agri-food community.
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Latest News

Eat More Local in September
Nova Scotians are being encouraged to join the 50% Local Food Club and buy at least half of their food from local producers for the month of September. - 2015/09/03 - 09:42 (full text)
New Program Supports Blueberry Expansion
Nova Scotia's wild blueberry farmers will have access to new funding that will allow them to increase and expand production. - 2015/07/18 - 13:30 (full text)
Small-scale Farmers Celebrated at Small Farm Expo
Aspiring, new and experienced farmers will have an opportunity to expand their knowledge and skills at farmer-led workshops and demonstrations at this year's Small Farm Expo. - 2015/07/15 - 13:54 (full text)

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