Prevention Innovation Fund

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As many of you know, the response to our call for Prevention Innovation Grant proposals was phenomenal! We received around 100 applications from all over the province. As a result, the selection process has taken longer than anticipated. Please be assured that we will inform all applicants on the status of their grant as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding.

Stay tuned for exciting announcements!

Sexual violence continues to remain hidden and victims are frequently blamed and stigmatized. Through the Sexual Violence Strategy we are working on raising public awareness, enhancing services and supports and also stopping sexual violence from happening in the first place.

The Prevention Innovation Grants will:

  1. Support the expansion of best practices for sexual violence prevention efforts; better research and evaluation of sexual violence prevention efforts; and better use of technology for the prevention of sexual violence.
  2. Assist groups that may not be part of the network of sexual violence organizations to reach out to their peers in creative ways to help stop sexual violence.
  3. Support sexual violence prevention efforts of marginalized and underserved populations, including African Nova Scotians, First Nations, and the LGBTQ community.

Primary prevention approaches seek to address the environmental factors and social norms known to contribute to sexual violence (ex. economic inequalities, sexism, media and marketing practices, technology, harmful use of alcohol, etc.), while also promoting healthy relationships, consent and fostering safer spaces and resilient communities.

Innovation is about bringing fresh ideas and creativity into sexual violence prevention work. Let’s experiment with new ideas and methods, use technology, and try things that have not been done before. We want to expand the field of best practices for sexual violence prevention work and this is a key way to do it.