Nova Scotia Children’s Oral Health Program

Q. Who is eligible for the Nova Scotia Children’s Oral Health Program?

A. All children 14 years of age and under are eligible for the Nova Scotia Children’s Oral Health Program.

Q. What does MSI cover for children’s dental care?

A. MSI currently covers basic dental care for children from birth up to the month in which they turn 15. Once a year, the program covers:

  • One dental exam
  • Two x-rays
  • One preventative service – for example, brushing and flossing instruction, and/or cleaning

Fillings and nutritional counseling are also covered by the program.

In some cases, MSI also covers fluoride treatments. Check with your dental office to see if your child qualifies for a fluoride treatment paid for by MSI.

Q. If my family has private insurance, is my child still covered under the program?

A. Yes. The Children’s Oral Health Program is a universal program that covers certain dental services provided in Nova Scotia. All children, age 14 and younger who have a valid MSI health card number are covered under the program.

Q. How does it work if I have private insurance?

A. The program is the payer of last resort. This means that your private insurance will be used first and MSI will cover the difference up to the regulated fee amount.

If your private insurance covers the regulated fee, then MSI will not provide any additional top up.

Under the program, your dentist is not allowed to bill you directly for more than the regulated fee.

Q. Under the program, am I responsible for paying the difference above what MSI covers?

A. No. If your child is eligible for the program, your dentist should not bill you directly. Your dentist should bill MSI and they will receive payment based on the regulated fee. You are not responsible for the difference for costs that are covered under the program.

Q. My dentist has billed me directly. How do I get reimbursed for services covered by the Children’s Oral Health Program?

A. Mail your invoice with your child’s MSI health card number to Green Shield Canada:

Children’s Oral Health Program
8677 Anchor Drive
PO Box 1606
Windsor, ON N9A 6W1

You will be reimbursed for services covered by the program up to the regulated fee.

Q. What is a regulated fee?

A. A regulated fee is what MSI covers for a specific service under the program. A list of regulated fees is available at

Q. What if my child visits the dentist more than once a year?

A. Your child is eligible for one exam, one preventative service, and two x-rays per year. Once a service has been covered by MSI, up to the regulated rate, the dentist may charge you up to their own private rate for any additional services received through the year.

Q. Where can I learn more about the MSI Children’s Oral Health Program?

A. For more information view the dental fact sheet: Nova Scotia’s MSI Oral Health Program, also available in French. Or call toll-free 1-888-711-1119.