Seniors Mental Health

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Seniors Mental Health

Studies show that seniors are at greater risk of some mental disorders and their complications than younger people. Many of these illnesses can be accurately diagnosed and treated. However, many seniors are reluctant to seek psychiatric treatment that could alleviate or cure their symptoms and return them to their previous lifestyle.

If you are looking for help with a mental health problem or illness contact your family physician or your local emergency department. If you would like to know more about the provincial mental health services delivery system, visit your district health authority website. To see where services can be accessed in your community refer to the list of Mental Health Clinics in Nova Scotia.

Seniors Mental Health Network

The Provincial Seniors' Mental Health Network (SMHN) has been established to support and advance seniors' mental health by promoting knowledge exchange and mutual learning among its members. The membership on the Network consists of government, district, community groups and individuals sharing an interest in seniors' mental health.

The objectives of this network are the following:

  • To keep Network members informed and support evidence-based decision-making in seniors' mental health by the dissemination of research findings and best practice evidence.
  • To facilitate mutual learning and support through linkage and exchange activities such as meetings, conferences and workshops.
  • To provide a collaborative and open forum for debate and discussion on topics of interest on seniors' mental health.
  • To respond to requests for information on seniors' mental health.

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