Physical Activity, Sport and Recreation

Physical Activity, Sport and Recreation is now Active Living

The Department of Health and Wellness is pleased to announce changes being made in the Physical Activity, Sport and Recreation branch of the department.

As of April 1, 2014 the branch will change its name to the Active Living Branch. This name change reflects the vision “All Nova Scotians, living actively everyday” set out in the strategic plan of the branch. The notion of active living is more than the sum of the parts of physical activity, sport and recreation previously represented in the branch name. For example the immergence of Active Transportation as such an important component of getting people active by integrating physical activity into their lives not only for recreation but as part of their daily routine demonstrates how the goal of an active population does not neatly fit into a single category.

The new Active Living branch has also seized the opportunity for revitalizing the structure and the way we work with our partners, stakeholders and ourselves. The branch is engaged in a reorganization of human resources that will see a more integrated approach that will support the needs of our stakeholders and partners. The Active Living branch will include:

  • A new corporate services team that will be focussed on supporting policy development as well as monitoring and evaluation of the work of the branch. With the ever increasing policy demands of the branch, this team will provide leadership working with subject experts on staff to provide consistent policy and evaluation practices for the branch.
  • The Provincial Services team brings together the expertise of physical activity, sport and recreation staff into one team to work together and across disciplines to provide more comprehensive support to the programs and initiatives of the branch.
  • The Regional Services team is the backbone of our organization, with offices in each of the six regions of the province, this group is the frontline contact for communities and individuals to access the programs of the branch.

It is understood that such a comprehensive transition will not occur all at once. Branch staff are cognizant of the need to phase some components over time to ensure a smooth transition for both our partners and staff. The transition phase is projected to be complete in the 2014/2015 fiscal year. During this time there will be no disruption of services to partners and stakeholders. Active Living staff will ensure any projects and initiatives underway are considered in the transition process.

We are also working on enhancing and updating our web pages to reflect the new Active Living branch programs and services.