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Financial Condition Index

The Financial Condition Index helps municipal councils and Nova Scotians make sense of municipal financial information by providing a variety of sources of information in a single document. The index is organized into three financial dimensions that focus on where municipalities get their revenue, how they spend their money, and how they manage their finances.

The index was developed jointly by the Province of Nova Scotia, the Union of Nova Scotia Municipalities, and the Association of Municipal Administrators. Thresholds are based on jurisdictional scans, literature reviews, and municipal consultations.

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FCI Color Legend

 The Municipal Indicator Score meets the Threshold and the Average.
 The Municipal Indicator Score meets the Threshold but does not meet the Average.
 The Municipal Indicator Score does not meet the Threshold.

Revenue Dimension

IndicatorScore Average Threshold*

Budget Dimension

IndicatorScore Average Threshold*

Debt & Capital Dimension

IndicatorScore Average Threshold*

* Indicates the threshold is inclusive of the value found in the table. For example, if the threshold is 'below 15%', the municipality meets the threshold if their score is equal to or less than 15%.

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