Fire Safety

Consumer Fireworks Restriction (Advisory)

With wildfire risks in Nova Scotia in the high-to-extreme category, the Office of the Fire Marshal is issuing an advisory banning the use of consumer fireworks where burning bans are in place. Burn maps are provided by and updated regularly by DNR on its website

If open fires are banned in your part of the province, setting off consumer fireworks is not allowed. Consumer fireworks are defined as outdoor, low-altitude fireworks that can be purchased at retail outlets.

This advisory does not apply to event-based use of consumer fireworks with the consultation and presence of the local fire department. Display fireworks, another category that requires approval from a local authority, are also not covered by this advisory.

A failure to comply with this fire safety advisory or with a reasonable request of a fire official may be considered an offence under the Fire Safety Act and result in a Summary Offence Ticket being issued.

We all have a personal responsibility for preventing fires. Nova Scotia's Fire Marshal and his staff are dedicated to reducing and eliminating the human suffering and property loss caused by fire. Our goal is to continuously improve fire protection through education, enforcement, and engineering.

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