Broadband for Rural Nova Scotia

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A Powerful Piece of New Infrastructure

In Nova Scotia, access to high-speed Internet (broadband) is considered as essential as electricity and telephone service.

Broadband is enhancing the lifestyles of all Nova Scotians. By creating new opportunities for international commerce and greater access to jobs, it is revitalizing communities and rejuvenating businesses province-wide.

Broadband for Rural Nova Scotia (BRNS) is a trail blazing $75-million initiative providing high-speed Internet access throughout the entire province, in turn making Nova Scotia one of the most connected jurisdictions in Canada and North America.

BRNS is being cost shared by the contracted service providers ($41.4 m), together with the provincial ($19.6 m) and federal ($14.5 m) governments.

If you live in rural Nova Scotia, want high speed but don't have access yet, make sure you contact your BRNS Internet service provider.