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Building Rural High-Speed Internet

Service provider profiles

These companies have been awarded the contract to deliver high-speed Internet services to rural Nova Scotia


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In business for 37 years, EastLink started in 1971 as Bragg Communications in Amherst, Nova Scotia. Bragg Communications moved to Halifax, and became EastLink in 1998 when it merged with Halifax Cablevision.

EastLink was orginally a cable television company. It expanded to include digital cable, telephone, and high-speed Internet service, and is now one of the fastest Internet providers in Canada.

Serving more than 295,000 customers across the Maritimes, EastLink is the fifth largest cable company in Canada, with more than 800 employees.

EastLink has shown good corporate citizenship, raising millions of dollars for charities across the Maritimes.


  • one of the first companies in Canada to get a cable licence

  • first cable company to offer local telephone service

  • first communications and entertainment company in North America to bundle cable tv service, local telephone, and Internet service on one bill for one price

  • first such company to add cell phone service at a discount to the full bundle


Named Business of the Year by the Halifax Chamber of Commerce in 2008

Named one of Canada's 50 Best Companies for 2006

Given the Excellence in Human Resources Award by the Human Resources Associations of Atlantic Canada in 2006


EastLink has two Chief Executive Officers, both from the Maritimes:

Lee Bragg and Dan McKeen

Lee Bragg is a sports enthusiast who lives with his wife and children in Fall River Nova Scotia. He is a graduate of the University of New Brunswick and Mount Alison University.

Dan McKeen lives with his wife and children in Dartmouth Nova Scotia. A graduate of Acadia University, he volunteers with the Heart & Stroke Foundation and coaches two youth soccer teams.

Seaside Communications

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In business for 29 years, Seaside Communications started as Seaside Cable TV Ltd. in 1979. It was renamed Seaside Communications when it expanded its services to include telephone, digital cable, and high-speed Internet service.

Seaside's founder, Irving Schwartz, is director of the Canadian Cable Small Systems Association and a Member of the Order of Canada, and was inducted into the Nova Scotia Business Hall of Fame in 2003.

During his career, Irving Schwartz has been involved in developing more than 30 companies including his family's retail business, VillaCentres Limited - a national chain of nursing homes, and an oyster farm at the Eskasoni Reserve.

He is co-founder of Junior Achievement in Cape Breton. He also founded the Canadian International Demining Corps, a charitable, non-government organization based in Sydney that supports a ban on landmines. The organization trains, equips, and supervises people to remove landmines in their own countries.

He has been an active volunteer in arts, education, and business, in his community and in several national organizations, including the New Waterford Volunteer Fire Department and the advisory board of the Dalhousie School of Business, and served as president of the Children's Aid Society and Lions' Club.

Irving Schwartz is married to Diana Usher and has four children. He studied at Mount Allison and New York universities.

OmniGlobe Networks

OmniGlobe Networks has been purchased by another provider. During the transition please call 1-514-607-8052