Community Development Policy Initiative

Building stronger communities across Nova Scotia

The Nova Scotia Community Development Policy Initiative is a framework for building stronger, healthier, more prosperous communities in Nova Scotia.

Government recognizes that sustainable communities are essential to the continued prosperity of our province. We have created this policy to guide us in our efforts to promote and support community development projects province wide.

Based on community collaboration, input

This policy was developed through extensive research of success stories with collaboration and input from many of Nova Scotia's communities. It reflects the values we share as Nova Scotians - our quality of life, the importance of volunteers and the need for partnerships to keep our communities strong.

This policy sets out clear roles for community and government for successful, sustainable community development. And it promotes increased collaboration, capacity building and accountability at every level. Key highlights include:
  1. Government recognizes that our communities must and will play the lead role in development efforts
  2. Government is committed to supporting and facilitating communities in these efforts
  3. Collaboration across and between government and communities is crucial for success
  4. Development must balance social, economic, environmental and cultural factors to be sustainable.

Nova Scotia Community Development Policy

If you want to put this policy to work in your community, the tools you need are included in the policy package.