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Economic and Rural Development and Tourism
In Nova Scotia, we are striving to be more globally competitive and innovative to build a strong business climate and achieve economic performance at or above the Canadian average by the year 2020.

This progress report demonstrates important investments in Nova Scotia's financial, built, natural, human, and social capitals, and in three other focus areas. Some of these initiatives are complete, while others continue to be works in progress.

The government of Nova Scotia continues to help communities hard hit by the economic downturn and support businesses to maintain and grow employment levels, adopt sustainable practices, diversify, and overcome barriers. The province will weather the global economic recession with its highly skilled workforce, its rich resources and confidence that we on the right course to ensure a vibrant economy.

Nova Scotia's economic growth strategy is working in combination with the social policy framework called Weaving the Threads, and the Environmental Goals and Sustainable Prosperity Act, to provide a strong framework for our long-term vision of sustainable prosperity.

Sustainable prosperity means seizing today's opportunities without compromising tomorrow. It means working together for a strong and competitive economy, a healthy environment, and vibrant, thriving communities.




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Opportunities for Sustainable Prosperity 2006
Opportunities for Sustainable Prosperity 2006 (OfSP) is an updated economic growth strategy for Nova Scotia. OfSP builds on the concepts and actions of the original strategy, released in 2000.

During consultations in communities across the province, business leaders, industry representatives, community leaders, and public servants provided insight on new approaches and opportunities. The experiences of local business, emerging international trends, and some fundamental realities facing the world shaped Opportunities for Sustainable Prosperity. This document outlines the concepts and actions included in the province's renewed economic growth strategy.

The ultimate goal of this strategy is to make Nova Scotia an even better place to live for generations to come. Our progress will be marked by the difference it makes in the lives of Nova Scotians - for the long-term, lasting good of the province.



The release of the progress report for Opportunities for Sustainable Prosperity, highlights areas of growth and success in Nova Scotia..
The release of the progress report for Opportunities for Sustainable Prosperity, highlights areas of growth and success in Nova Scotia..
This update represents a high level glimpse of things that are happening across the province in support of Opportunities for Sustainable Prosperity.
This highlights document briefly outlines the concepts included in the renewed provincial economic growth strategy.
Before developing the updated strategy, a report on progress was assembled that looks back on the actions taken in each of the seven strategic directions and nine vital economic sectors included in the original strategy.
Sustainable competitiveness is the central concept of OfSP - the idea that we must build a competitive economic and cultural model that is sustainable into the future.
An analysis of the provincial economy was undertaken prior to the development of Opportunities for Sustainable Prosperity.
OfSP focuses on the economy as a whole. This document provides an overview of issues and actions that are specific to industry sectors.


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