Tourism Destination Area

Visitors want to explore Tourism Destination Areas that deliver 'must-see' attractions, high-quality amenities and memorable experiences. Areas that achieve those goals can generate significant traffic and revenue growth for their community, but only by working together and building on existing infrastructure can communities create an exceptional tourist destination area.

The Tourism Destination Area Kit

Creation of a Tourism Destination Area (TDA) must be a community-driven process fueled by local organizations, leaders and people who want to build on what they have – and make it better. Through strategic tourism development, communities can build towards increased visitor numbers and revenue. The TDA Kit guides you in uncovering insights, resources and contacts to help focus your goals, set targets and develop your community's strategic tourism development.

The TDA Kit includes:

Appendices include:

Use this kit as your starting point to help build capacity in your community. It takes key partners and leaders to drive this process. Don't wait for someone else to take the lead if you feel you have a perspective and desire that can create change. The right tools, resources, people and a shared focus are all ingredients in TDA success.

Testing Your TDA Potential
Answer these questions as a starting point to assess your community's destination area potential:
  1. Tourism destination areas have leaders — people who are actively championing a community's potential to expand tourism revenue. Does your destination area have strong leadership?
  2. Successful destination areas require resources, leadership, private sector operators and organizations willing to commit time and money to promote and develop tourism. Do you have these resources?
  3. Successful, strategic tourism development requires a delicate balance, and delivers expanded tourism business, and increased traffic and revenues. A solid foundation is vital. What established infrastructure already exists in your community, on which you can build and expand?
  4. Tourism destination areas offer visitors the chance to experience something unique; a must-see attraction they'll find nowhere else. Does your destination area have unique attributes?
  5. A great location is a common element among areas with tourism appeal, and tourism destination areas are well situated to serve tourists. Do you know the pros and cons of your location?
  6. Tourism Destinations grow with the involvement and support of their residents. Do the residents in your community support further development of sustainable tourism?
  7. Destinations that offer year round tourism products and services can attract new business. Does your community want to be open for business to visitors, year round?

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