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Latest News

Department Considering Regional Lobster Levy to Support Quality Project
Nova Scotia is committed to a provincewide lobster levy to promote generic marketing and is also considering a quality pilot project in one region, supported by another levy. - 2014/07/28 - 15:11 (full text)
Independent Aquaculture Regulatory Review Panel Releases Draft Report
Nova Scotia's Independent Aquaculture Regulatory Review Panel released its draft report today, July 4, for public review and feedback. - 2014/07/04 - 09:57 (full text)
Independent Report Released on Land-Based, Closed-Containment Salmon Aquaculture
An independent report commissioned by government says growing Atlantic salmon in land-based, closed-containment is technically feasible, but its commercial viability remains to be proven. - 2014/06/25 - 10:23 (full text)

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