Inland Fisheries Resources

It is the policy of Nova Scotia Fisheries and Aquaculture to protect, conserve, and enhance the quality and diversity of the fishery resources of this province and to provide continued and varied angling opportunity through resource assessment and classification, enhancement, and management of that resource.

Nova Scotia's sport fishery provides opportunities for anglers throughout every season of the year. Management of the recreational fishery is partially supported through a user-pay system from angling license sales. Five dollars from each general or Atlantic salmon licence sold is directed to support the programs of the Inland Fisheries Division.

Public involvement in the management of the recreational fishery is provided through a well established network of regional and provincial forums. The general public and members of non-government organizations are encouraged to participate in the Divisions' public advisory process. In order to ensure equal representation, Nova Scotia has been divided into six management zones called Recreational Fishery Management Areas. Meetings of the Recreational Fishery Area Council (RFAC) occur on a biannual basis during spring and fall in each management area. Inland Fisheries and other government staff provide an overview of activities and issues related to the recreational fishery, providing a forum for public discussion regarding issues of regional concern.

In addition to regional representation of the six Recreational Fishing Advisory Councils, the Inland Fisheries Advisory Committee (IFAC) is made up of representatives from angling organizations that are provincial in scope. The Inland Fisheries Advisory Committee includes representation from the Canadian Association of Smallmouth Anglers, Nova Scotia Federation of Anglers and Hunters, Nova Scotia Salmon Association and Trout Nova Scotia.

NS Sportfishing Survey

A Survey of the Sportfishing Industry in Nova Scotia

The latest national five-year survey shows sport fishing continues to have a positive impact on Nova Scotia's rural economy. Sport fishing generated $58 million in direct spending and attracted 67,000 licensed anglers in 2010. Keith Colwell, Minister of Fisheries and Aquaculture said "The survey results tell us more about the people who take part in the sport, the money they spend in the province, and their fishing activities."

Recreational Fishing Advisory Council (RFAC)

Recreational Fishing Advisory Council meetings are held twice a year in each of the six Recreational Fishing Areas, in the spring and again in the fall. The meetings provide an opportunity for anglers, sport fishing organizations, community groups, federal and provincial enforcement and university researchers to exchange information on sportfishing in Nova Scotia. The RFAC's also provide a forum for discussion on special management areas, fieldwork activities, enhancement strategies and promotion and development of our sport fishery.

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Community Group Partnerships

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the following groups PDF for their continued support with our fieldwork projects, stocking strategies, sportfishing derbies and tournaments.