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Welcome to the GeoNOVA.ca

GeoNOVA.ca is the Province of Nova Scotia's gateway to location-based information about Nova Scotia. Access to location-based information is our goal.

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Development of a GPS Compatible, Spatial Referencing Framework announced in NS Capital Plan for 2015/16

The NS government recently released its capital plan for 2015/16. You may read the news release.

Announced in the capital plan for 2015/16 is a GPS spatial referencing system project. This is a project that was submitted by Service Nova Scotia, Geographic Information Services that has been approved for funding. Through this capital project, the Nova Scotia Coordinate Referencing System (NSCRS) will be updated with modern GPS-enabled survey monuments that will provide complete province-wide coverage. Provincial coverage will include up to 40 GPS-enabled survey monuments.

This is an exciting project that will start in April 2015 and transform the NSCRS, creating efficiencies and enabling economic opportunities for Nova Scotia. Learn more about the project.

Here is a link to the 2015/16 capital Plan.

6 January, 2015 GeoNOVA introduces a new NSCRS Data Viewer

Service Nova Scotia offers a diverse range of services through its programs to meet the needs of Nova Scotians. One of these programs is the Nova Scotia Coordinate Referencing System (NSCRS). The NSCRS is the underlying infrastructure that allows all geographic information in Nova Scotia to be represented in a global coordinate system.

GeoNOVA is pleased to announce release of the NSCRS Data Viewer; this application provides an authoritative source for coordinate values for Nova Scotia Control (Survey) Monuments across the Province. Sketches and photos are provided to assist in locating the infrastructure.
Open the NSCRS Data Viewer.

Spatial Referencing activities in Nova Scotia - Learn more

22 December, 2014 Sable Island gets new Active Control Station

Scientists know that the mainland of Nova Scotia is moving 1 millimeter per year horizontally and 1.5 millimeters per year vertically (it is subsiding). Much less is known about Sable Island and its behavior. The same GPS technology that allows the mainland’s movements to be modelled has been recently been installed on Sable Island. The data that is generated will allow long term trends in the position to be analyzed so that a better understanding of the behavior of the island can be attained. This station is one of several GPS stations that have been recently installed across Nova Scotia in an effort to provide better access to the Province’s spatial referencing system.

This collaborative effort between Service Nova Scotia and Parks Canada will allow the position of the station to be calculated to millimeter level every 24 hours. Read more.

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