Nova Scotia Provincial Police Long Service Award Program

Police from across the province gathered in Halifax on November 24, 2014 to receive their long service awards. Police from across the province gathered in Halifax on November 24, 2014 to receive their long service awards.

2014 Nova Scotia Long Service Award Recipients

Congratulations to this year’s Long Service Award Recipients:

15 Year

Cape Breton Regional Police Service

  • Constable John Joseph Burke
  • Constable Kalolin An Francis
  • Constable Shane Allan MacKenzie
  • Constable Daniel Gregory MacPherson

Halifax Regional Police

  • Sergeant Derrick Boyd
  • Constable Garland John Carmichael
  • Detective Constable Marques Anthony Reeves


  • Detective Constable Shari Pictou

Royal Canadian Mounted Police

  • Constable Kenneth Berrick Almeda, Retired
  • Sergeant Michael R. Balmaceda
  • Staff Sergeant Arnold Henry Bennett, Retired
  • Constable June Louise Boutilier
  • Constable Daniel Patrick Bretzer
  • Corporal Merrill William Buglar
  • Sergeant Richard James Gerard Bushey
  • Corporal David Robert Carter, Retired
  • Constable Patricia Anne Davis
  • Staff Sergeant Peter Wayne Ferguson
  • Corporal Michael Francis Flanagan
  • Staff Sergeant James Hector Joseph Gillis, Retired
  • Constable Roderick Louis Gillis, Retired
  • Constable Troy Joseph Julien
  • Corporal Mark Anthony Kellock
  • Staff Sergeant Peter Jerry Kelly, Retired
  • Constable John Thomas Kennedy
  • Constable Matthew Everett Kingston
  • Sergeant Peter Francis Leppard, Retired
  • Corporal David Lilly
  • Sergeant J. Dan MacGillivray
  • Corporal Sidney Gordon MacNaughton, Retired
  • Constable Sandy Matharu
  • Sergeant Darlene Melissa McEachren
  • Corporal Barry John Mellish, Retired
  • Constable Darryl Kenneth Morgan
  • Sergeant Philip Ramon Oliver
  • Constable Robert Foster Parris
  • Corporal Howard M. Pike, Retired
  • Constable Cheryl M. Ponee
  • Corporal Philip J. Reddy
  • Deputy Commissioner Joseph Terrence Ryan, Retired
  • Constable Aaron David Skidmore
  • Corporal Darren Lawrence Slaunwhite
  • Constable Everett Carl Smith
  • Constable Jimmy Ronald Smith
  • Constable Gaetanne Leigh Stevens
  • Staff Sergeant Harry James Ullock, Retired
  • Sergeant Gregory Paul Vardy
  • Chief Superintendent William Bruce Vye, Retired
  • Sergeant Brian David Wentzell
  • Sergeant George White, Retired
  • Constable Adree Mohammed Zahara

25 Year


  • Sergeant Brian A. Gairns


  • Sergeant Ward Matthew Beck

Cape Breton Regional Police Service

  • Constable Russell C. Chiasson
  • Constable Bernard Gregory Gouthro
  • Constable Paul F. Kelley
  • Constable Hugh Ronald MacDonald
  • Sergeant James Timothy Ryan
  • Constable Michael Joseph Somerton

Halifax Regional Police

  • Detective Constable Carol Marie Campbell-Waugh
  • Staff Sergeant Darrell Roland Gaudet
  • Sergeant Penny I. Hart
  • Sergeant Kevin A. Murphy
  • Detective Constable Andrew Paul Pattison

New Glasgow

  • Sergeant D. Blair Bannerman
  • Sergeant George Lloyd Crocker, Retired
  • Corporal Brian C. Hyson

Royal Canadian Mounted Police

  • Sergeant Alfred Alexander Baldwin, Retired
  • Constable Melvin Keith Beaver, Retired
  • Corporal Patrick Lorne Callighen
  • Sergeant Gil John Dares, Retired
  • Staff Sergeant Cecil Robert Dole, Retired
  • Superintendent Ronald Edward Jessup, Retired
  • Staff Sergeant Charles Henry Johnson, Retired
  • Constable John Robert Kelly, Retired
  • Corporal Preston James Levi
  • Staff Sergeant Robert Alton Messer, Retired
  • Staff Sergeant Anthony Arthur Perry
  • Staff Sergeant Donald Joseph Ray, Retired
  • Sergeant Brian Alfred Richardson
  • Corporal Roger Gordon Robbins
  • Sergeant Brian Thomas Stones
  • Sergeant Peter Brian Stoyek, Retired
  • Corporal Darwyn Charles Stutt, Retired
  • Sergeant Michael J. Towle
  • Staff Sergeant Ronald Waud Urquhart, Retired
  • Sergeant William Daniel Watters, Retired


Any Police Officer who has served in Nova Scotia for a minimum of 15 consecutive years.

Consideration is given to nominees who have served out of province on secondment. Where consecutive years of service are broken due to out of province secondment(s) the Advisory Committee will review the nomination and provide a recommendation to the Minister of Justice regarding the award of the medal.

Consecutive years of service from the former Halifax Port Authority Police, Military Police or CNR Police, serving in Nova Scotia is considered when calculating eligible years of service.Retired police officers are eligible for the award.

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