Nova Scotia Maintenance Enforcement Program

Preparation for a possible disruption of postal service

In advance of a possible labour disruption at Canada Post, the Nova Scotia Maintenance Enforcement Program is encouraging its clients to sign up for direct deposit (for recipients) or make electronic payments (for payors). This is the fastest, most secure way to ensure remittance and receipt of payment and eliminate disruptions.

It is important to note that enforcement of maintenance continues even in the event of a disruption of postal service.

For recipients:
Recipients who opt to not enroll in direct deposit should note that they may not receive payment on time. To sign up for direct deposit, please follow these instructions.

For payors:
Payors are still responsible for making payments in compliance with their court orders and MEP may not receive your payments during a postal disruption if you choose to not submit electronically. Please read section 2 of these instructions for information on how to make payments electronically.

The Maintenance Enforcement Program collects court-ordered spousal and child support payments, known as maintenance.

The payor (the person required to provide support) sends payments to the program. The program forwards funds to the recipient (the person who receives the support).

In the cases where payments are not up-to-date, the Maintenance Enforcement Program can take action to enforce payment.

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Maintenance Enforcement Public Consultation

In April, Justice Minister Diana Whalen launched a public consultation, allowing Nova Scotians to provide input into how to improve the Maintenance Enforcement Program. The consultation, which closed on May 31, will inform how we strengthen legislation and improve and expand our enforcement tools. While the consultation is now closed, we have left the background documents on our website for those who may wish to review:

We thank everyone who took the time to provide their input and look forward to sharing what we heard.