Nova Scotia Maintenance Enforcement Program

Maintenance Enforcement Public Consultation

Thousands of Nova Scotia families rely on the Maintenance Enforcement Program for helping them collect court-ordered payments for both spousal and child support. Work is underway right now to strengthen our enforcement tools, increase training for our staff, and to improve the website to make it easier for you to access important information and updates.

We also need to strengthen the legislation. But before we do that, we need your input on a number of important questions. These questions are included in our discussion paper here on our website. I invite you to read the document and to take a few moments to respond to the survey.

Your comments will be of great value and will help us improve.

The Maintenance Enforcement Program collects court-ordered spousal and child support payments, known as maintenance.

The payor (the person required to provide support) sends payments to the program. The program forwards funds to the recipient (the person who receives the support).

In the cases where payments are not up-to-date, the Maintenance Enforcement Program can take action to enforce payment.

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