MEP Online Services

MEP Online Access Technical Tips

We've prepared the following tips and advice to make your online experience as easy as possible.

Information Security

Remember to keep your information secure:

  • If you are using a computer in a public place, such as the library, make sure no-one can see the screen or the numbers you are entering.
  • Remember to log out when finished.

Your session will automatically end after 15 minutes of inactivity or when you browse to a different page on the internet. In this case, you will have to log in again if you wish to return to your account.

First Time Login

When logging into the MEP system for the first time you will see a dialogue box pop up. You will receive one of the following browser prompt options, you must either:

Press "Grant Always" option
check "Always trust content from publisher"

to continue. You may then proceed to log in using your case number and Personal Identification Number (PIN). After the first time you log in you will no longer see the dialogue box pop up, and you will then go directly to the MEP login screen.

If you are having a problem accessing MEP Online please contact MEP at 424-0934 in Metro or toll free in NS 1-855-322-0934 or email us at