Enforcement Division

Authority & Legislation

Conservation Officers authority is derived from appointments under specific legislation. It gives them the powers, authority and immunities as defined in the Criminal Code of Canada.

Conservation Officers have been designated as Federal Fisheries Officers.

The Federal Minister of Transport has appointed Conservation Officers to enforce the Boating Restriction Regulations.

The Federal Minister of Fisheries and Oceans has appointed Conservation Officers to enforce the Small Vessel Regulations.

Under the Fisheries and Coastal Resources Act the Minister of Nova Scotia Agriculture and Fisheries has appointed Conservation Officers as Inspectors to enforce the Recreational Fishing Regulations.

Conservation Officers are appointed as games officers with the powers of a Peace Officer under the Migratory Birds Convention Act act and regulations.

Conservation Officers enforce the following statutes and their regulations:


By their oath of office as Special Constables, Conservation Officers have the power and authority to enforce the following:

  • Liquor Control Act - Illegal Possession, Public Intoxication, Arrest, Power to Search,
  • Controlled Drug and Substance Act - Illegal Possession.
  • Criminal Code of Canada -
    Impaired Driving, Assault and Obstruct a Peace Officer,
    Offences Related to Pointing and Handling Firearms,
    Offences Related to Possession of Prohibited/ Restricted Firearms
    Offences Related to Acquisition/Transfer of Firearms
    Firearm Prohibition Orders, Seizures and Forfeiture
    Safe Storage, Display, Handling and Transportation of Certain Firearms Regulations