Nova Scotia Burning Restrictions

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During the Wildfire Risk Season (March 15 to October 15) all Domestic Burning and Campfires must adhere to daily Nova Scotia Burning Restrictions. Burn Restrictions are updated at 2:00 PM daily.

Q&As about Domestic Brush Burning

Type of Burning Burn Restricted No Burn
Domestic brush burning and campfires Burning permitted between 2pm and 8am Burning permitted between 7pm and 8am Burning Not Permitted
Campfires in licensed private, municipal and provincial campgrounds Burning permitted Burning permitted Burning Not Permitted

Burn Restrictions
30/07/2016 2:00:00 PM to 31/07/2016 2:00:00 PM
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During wildfire-risk season, March 15 – Oct 15, you must check before you burn brush. Check municipal bylaws first because they take precedence over provincial rules. To check municipal bylaws, go here:,638/sid,55/.

Burning restrictions by county also available by toll free phone line, recorded message updated daily: 1 855 564 2876(BURN)