Nova Scotia Burning Restrictions

Note: Nova Scotia’s Wildfire Risk Season, set to begin March 15, 2015, has been delayed for 2015 due to extreme winter conditions. Wildfire Risk Season is now set to begin April 22, 2015, pending re-evaluation of weather conditions at that time. Burning restrictions described below will be in effect from April 22, 2015 to October 15, 2015.

During Wildfire Risk Season brush burning and camp fires are not permitted in any county from 8 in the morning (8am) to 2 in the afternoon (2pm).

Q&As about Domestic Brush Burning

Burning brush (domestic burning) is allowed ONLY after 2pm (in counties coloured green), and before 8am.
Burning brush is allowed ONLY between 7pm and 8am, for safety reasons (in counties coloured yellow)

Burn Safe Map






During wildfire-risk season, March 15 – Oct 15, you must check before you burn brush. Check municipal bylaws first.

Burning restrictions by county also available by toll free phone line, recorded message updated daily: 1 855 564 2876(BURN)

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