Wildlife & Birds of Nova Scotia

by: Julie Towers

Welcome to Julie Towers' book Wildlife of Nova Scotia. This webpage and its links provide access to most, but not all of the book's contents. Most notably the illustrations and tables have not been included. It is designed so that you can easily access the parts of the book that are of greatest interest to you.

Wildlife of Nova Scotia is out of print. It was a co-publishing project of Nimbus Publishing and the Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources.




by: Robie Tufts

Robie Tufts' Birds of Nova Scotia has been a fixture on the bookshelves of bird lovers since the first edition was published in 1961. Not only is it an excellent resource for anyone wanting to know about the birds that visit Nova Scotia, it is a pleasure to read, full of interesting observations, amusing anecdotes and beautiful illustrations.

Since it was last published in 1986, several new species have been recorded in the province, and the status of some of the birds has changed. And although such revisions have yet to be made, it is our hope that in putting Robie Tufts' book up on the World Wide Web, we can encourage dialogue among bird lovers, and perhaps one day, provide readers with complete, up-to-date coverage of Nova Scotia's avifauna.