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The Nova Scotia Archives is a division of the Nova Scotia Department of Communities, Culture and Heritage.

As the documentary heritage institution for the province, the Nova Scotia Archives:

  • serves as the permanent repository for the archival records of the government of Nova Scotia
  • acquires and preserves provincially-significant archival records from the private sector
  • delivers a range of professional, client-centred reference services
  • develops and maintains two Internet web sites (NS Archives and Nova Scotia Historical Vital Statistics)
  • provides strategic support and financial assistance to strengthen the provincial archival community

Organizational Structure

Archives Management
preserves corporate memory and contributes to government accountability by providing archival services to government, in collaboration with government's corporate records management program. It plays a leading role in preserving the province's documentary heritage, in cooperation with the provincial archival community. It delivers a systematic preservation management program to support the Archives' mandate to preserve and make available the province's documentary heritage.

Public Services
develops and carries out a range of client-centred reference services to ensure broad public access to the province's corporate memory and documentary heritage. It also develops and maintains two Internet Websites — NS Archives @ and Nova Scotia Historical Vital Statistics @ — both offering a broad variety of online resources and services designed to help Nova Scotians build a sense of identity by exploring their family, community and provincial heritage.

For more information about us see:

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