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Nova Scotia Environment consists of the following divisions:

Compliance Division
The Compliance division is responsible for the majority of field operations relating to environmental protection. To protect the environment and effectively manage natural resource use, this division responds to requests for environmental assistance, approvals and investigations through its regional and district office network across the province.
Science Division
Driven by scientific and technical evidence, the Science division provides subject matter expertise, advice and program management support. It is also responsible for developing training programs for field staff. The Science division works with staff across all regions and divisions to develop policy and regulatory management tools that ensure intended environmental outcomes are met.
Sustainability and Innovation
The Sustainability and Innovation division integrates the work of the department on climate change, air emissions, contaminated sites, dangerous goods, solid waste and nature protection. It provides subject matter expertise, advice, planning, and program management support as well as policy development, implementation and monitoring. The division focuses on the long-term environmental and economic stability of the province and promotes innovative and creative approaches towards environmental protection and sustainable development.
Policy Division
The Policy division is responsible for building capacity for policy and planning functions of the department, ensuring effective business operations and managing the environmental assessment program.
Provides advice and manages communications with the public