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Listed below are the 'spotlight' items previously shown on our Home Page. Most recent features shown at the top.

Nova Scotia Environment Public ConsultationSolid Waste Consultations
Environment Minister Randy Delorey invited stakeholders to participate in Solid Waste Consultation process with a video explaining the vision and goals of the consultation. Click here to see it.
Update - Auditor General Recommendations
Spring 2013 Provincial Update on AG Recommendations – Nova Scotia Environment. View the report (PDF: 97k)
Water for Life Progress ReportWater for Life Progress Report - 2012
The Nova Scotia government is making progress in its efforts to ensure water is valued and protected. The Water for Life Progress Report highlights achievements of the first year of Nova Scotia's water resource management strategy. Learn More
Nova Scotia's Water PortalNova Scotia's Water Portal - Water for Life
Nova Scotia's new Water Portal acts at the nexus of community, industry, academia and government to manage our most valued resource - water. Visit the Water Portal
Non-essential PesticidesNon-essential Pesticides Control Act
The Nova Scotia government has approved the Non-essential Pesticides Control Act on May 11, 2010. Learn about growing and maintaining a healthy lawn which minimizes weed growth and pest proliferation - more.
Well Water SafetyClimate Change Action Plan
Nova Scotia Environment has released a Climate Change Action Plan and launched the Climate Change website to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and protect our province.
The Remediation Monitoring Oversight Board Annual Report for 2011Remediation Monitoring Oversight Board
The Remediation Monitoring Oversight Board Annual Report for 2011 is now available for download.
The 2010 and 2009 report are also available.
Best Thing You'll Never DoBest Thing You'll Never Do
Nova Scotia Environment recently launched an anti-litter campaign called "Best Thing You’ll NEVER Do". Take the "Never Litter" pledge, today.
Environmental Goals and Sustainable Prosperity 2009 Annual ReportEnvironmental Goals and Sustainable Prosperity Act
The 2009 annual report on the Environmental Goals and Sustainable Prosperity Act, reporting on progress to March 31, 2009, was released August 25th. View the Report (PDF: 1.2mb)
Environmental Goals and Sustainable ProsperityEnvironmental Goals and Sustainable Prosperity Act
Read about what Nova Scotia is going to do to achieve our environmental and economic goals. More.
Better RegulationBetter Regulation
The Better Regulation Initiative is a province-wide initiative to improve laws and regulations in Nova Scotia. Read how Environment is leading the way.
Well Water SafetyWell Water Safety
Nova Scotians returning to their homes in the Porters Lake-Lake Echo area following this past weekend’s forest fires should be mindful of well water quality. More.
Green WebGreen Web
Nova Scotia's environment is better protected since the launch of the provincial Green Plan, Towards a Sustainable Environment. Visit the Green Web to find out more about the plan and read about our progress.
Apply for an agency, board and/or commissionAgencies, Boards and Commissions
A chance to serve your fellow Nova Scotians:
learn about participating on our agencies, boards, and commissions.
Nova Scotia: Come to life!Nova Scotia: Come to life!
Nova Scotia is a place where people can balance work, play and family life and truly live to their best. Read our story at