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Air Photo Products
  • How to Order These Products
  • Retail Price List
  • Copies of the latest aerial photographs are available over-the-counter at the Nova Scotia Geomatics Centre. Other air photo series and historical photos may also be ordered. Delivery time will be up to three weeks for custom orders or enlargements.

    Color Aerial Photography
    Black and White Aerial Photography
    Sample PDF
    Scale 1:10 000
    Sample PDF
    Black & White
    Scale 1:35 000 / 1:40 000
    Index PDF
    Index PDF

    Photographs can be printed up to 100cm x 100 cm.

    Film transparencies made directly from a 25cm by 25cm film negative are excellent for mapping applications and instructional aides, or for any overhead projection use.

    Customized Photo Products:
    We would be happy to assist with a customized request. For example, we can enlarge a specific portion of an aerial photo (max 100cm x 100cm) or create an uncontrolled photomosaic (a combination of several photographs covering a larger geographic area).

    Kings County CD
    CD contains 1811 of the most current (2002) colour aerial images for Kings County at a scale of 1:10,000. A simple point and click index map of the coverage area and a viewer are included.

    Certificates of Authenticity
    These documents verify information about the aerial photograph such as scale information, lens size, time and date of acquisition, and precise geographic location for legal purposes.

    For more information on photographic products contact us.

  • How to Order These Products
  • Retail Price List
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