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Spatial Referencing
  • Where to Order Coordinate (Spatial) Information Products
  • Retail Price List
  • Coordinate Information (NSCRS) - Values, Sketches, etc.
    Monument Sketch
    A sketch is a graphical representation of a control survey point in relation to nearby features such as power poles, centre of highway, etc. It's primary purpose is to assist in finding the control point in the field. The sketch provides distance and azimuth measurements to nearby features and some control point attribute information such as monumenttype and date of last inspection. Updated sporadically. Format: Available individually by control point number as individual paper copy. Alternatively, a digital file version of available sketches (PDF format) is available in the Sketch CD product.
    View a sample in PDF
    Monument Values/ Control Point Information Report (NSCCS network points)
    A one or two page report is generated for each control point in a request. Generally the information provided for each control point are ATS77 coordinates; historic coordinates(usually NAD27), CGVD28 elevation, ATS77 MTM point scale factor, construction date, last inspection date, type of monument, coordinate status; if available, connectivity information to other control points. Updated regularly, printed report.
    View a sample in PDF
    Monument Index Map (Historical Information)
    This is a hardcopy series of maps that show NSCRS network and/or NSHPN control points that fall within the bounds of a specific map. The map sheets are based on the NTS 1:50 000 NAD27 series or, a larger scale Inset Map for areas with a high density of monuments. This series is no longer maintained, however they do show most of the control points. Each control point is labeled with a unique number and is the link to the NSCRS database. Maps are available as duplicate paper prints. Alternatively, a scanned image of each map in PDF format is available in the Sketch CD product.
    View a sample in PDF

    This is a 2-CD set that contains available sketches for control points of the NSCCS network and the NSHPN in a digital PDF file format. One or more PDF files per control point - 24300 files. Also includes a scanned image in PDF format for each of the "historical" MonumentIndex Maps. A data use license is required. (current edition 2003v02) SketchCD (2-CD set / sketches and MonumentIndex maps).

    This is a single CD that contains NSHPN control point information. This includes a network plot file in jpg format, the digital sketch files in PDF format, digital photographs in jpg format, three (3) fixed width ASCII text files with NAD83 (CSRS) coordinates, adjustment version NSHPNv1.0, containing 3D cartesian, ellipsoidal and UTM coordinates respectively. A data use licence is required. NSHPNcd (current edition 2002v01)

    NSCRS Digital Products

    Nova Scotia Coordinate Values / NSCCS.txt
    This is a comma delimited ASCII text file containing a comprehensive record of information for each distributable NSCCS network control point - province wide coverage. A data use license is required.

    Grid Shift File - NS778301.gsb
    This file was developed for use with the National Transformation version NTv2) software or an implementation of it. The file listed is for transforming coordinates between the ATS77 and NAD83 (CSRS) reference frames. It is a binary file containing records with the predicted latitude and longitude shifts between the two reference frames for a grid of regularily spaced points that covers the Province. Each record also contains a corresponding accuracy estimate for the shift values. The file is used for the transformation of points falling within the land mass of Nova Scotia. A data use license is required.
    Coodinate Transformation Services (Online and Custom Processing)
    Horizontal coordinates (latitude/longitude or northing/easting) and, in some cases three dimensional coordinates either cartisean (X,Y,Z) or ellipsoidal (latitude, longitude, ellipsoid height) for discrete points can be submitted for transformation between NAD27, ATS77 and NAD83(CSRS) reference frames and/or conversion between the geographic, UTM and MTM coordinate types. Height transformations between CGVD28 orthometric heights and NAD83 (CSRS) ellipsoidal heights via the HTv2.0 model is provided as well. Service is provided through a free, but limited, online coordinate transformation service and via inquiries by phone, email or fax. A custom processing fee may apply for some inquiries.
    Coordinate Transformation - Online ServiceThis online web application provides users the ability to submit coordinates (source coordinates) referenced in one of the supported reference frames and coordinate types and perform the transformation to one of the supported target reference frames and coordinate types. Data may be submitted via keyboard data entry or read from a data file. Check the site to identify the data file formats supported.
    Coordinate Transformation - Custom Processing (fee may apply) For phone, fax, and email inquiries - users should verify input format requirements for submissions with a large number (>10) of positions. Transformation results are provided on paper or digital file as required.
    Please note: Some of the items above are in Portable Document Format (PDF), which uses the Adobe® Acrobat® Reader. If you do not have the Reader, you can download the program free of charge.
  • Where to Order Coordinate (Spatial) Information Products
  • Retail Price List

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