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Digital Data Products
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  • Nova Scotia Topographic Database Digital Series

    1:1000, 1:2000, 1:5000 Urban Series
    Service Nova Scotia, in conjunction with other government departments and municipalities, has created a "large" display scale mapping series (1:1000, 1:2000 and 1:5000) for various areas across Nova Scotia. This data set covers selected urban centres around the province using a 3 degrees MTM projection with an ATS77 datum and offers a greater level of detail than the 1:10 000 display scale.
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    1:10 000 Series
    The 1:10 000 scale digital mapping series comprises 1595 files. Covering the entire province using a 3 degrees MTM projection with an ATS77 datum (product also available in UTM projection (zone 20) with a NAD83 datum). This popular scale provides a great level of detail and permits multi-purpose use. Buildings, designated areas, waterways, roads and railways, utilities, land cover, and more are included. Base information can be used in conjunction with other digital data sets to serve virtually any topographic need.
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    1:50 000 Series
    Geographic features for the NSTDB 1:50 000 series are derived from the 1:10 000 mapping series, and includes contours. The land cover comes from Department of Natural Resources, and the names layer comes from the NSTDB Coastal Series. The 1:50,000 series uses a UTM projection (zone 20) with a NAD83 datum, and has consistent topology across the province.
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    The Nova Scotia Coastal Series (1:50,000)
    The Nova Scotia Coastal Series consists of 132 color maps of the province's coastal zone, extending to the 12-mile limit including complete coverage for the Bay of Fundy. Content: 10k NSTDB accuracy with 10 meter contrours, shaded depth polygons in salt water, forestry polygons, plus Canadian Hydrographic Service charts and symbology. Scale: 1:50,000 UTM NAD83 Zone 20 (not for navigation).

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    Digital Property Series
    The Digital Property Series includes property lines and ownership information, and covers the entire province. Digital map files and tabular data are sold by management unit, each contains 1500 to 2000 properties. Map files show the area, configuration, and location of properties. This series can be used alone or in conjunction with other NSTDB products.
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    Control Survey Data

    Nova Scotia Coordinate Values (NSCCS.txt) - This is a comma delimited ASCII text file containing a comprehensive record of information for each distributable NSCCS network control point - province wide coverage. Data use license is required.

    Grid Shift File (NS778301.gsb)
    This file was developed for use with the National Transformation version NTv2) software or an implementation of it. The file listed is for transforming coordinates between the ATS77 and NAD83 (CSRS) reference frames. It is a binary file containing records with the predicted latitude and longitude shifts between the two reference frames for a grid of regularily spaced points that covers the Province. Each record also contains a corresponding accuracy estimate for the shift values. The file is used for the transformation of points falling within the land mass of Nova Scotia. A data use license is required.
    NS Civic Address Data (NSCAF)
    The Nova Scotia Civic Address File (NSCAF) is Nova Scotia's authoritative source for location-based civic address data. The NSCAF maintains the most current and complete province-wide civic address data available and is updated daily by source providers. The NSCAF dataset is based upon a relational database comprised of civic address points, centreline road features, and community boundary polygons, along with all the associated attribution tables (civic numbers, street names, road ranges, collection metadata, etc.). In addition to the raw spatial data and tables, users have access to pre-assembled simplified and geocoding spatial views. Additional information can be found at
    Custom Data Products (Derived from NSTDB)

    1:150 000 Nova Scotia Atlas Database
    Single provincial file using a UTM NAD 83 projection. This product was created for the Nova Scotia Atlas (2001) and is sourced from the NSTDB 1:10 000 and generalized for 1:150,000 display scale. Selected themes include roads, hydrography, boundaries, rail, powerline and crown land. Place names (Gazetteer) are not included.
    This product covers the entire province.


    1:500 000 Nova Scotia Planimetric
    Single provincial file using in a UTM NAD83 projection. This dataset includes major hydrography, road networks, county boundaries, reference place names and location symbols. Contour information and additional theme information available upon request. 2003 edition.
    This product covers the entire province.
    More Information on These Products >>

    Nova Scotia Watershed Series
    The Nova Scotia Watershed Series classifies drainage areas at the Primary, Secondary, Tertiary, Sub-tertiary levels and Shoreline Direct into saltwater areas. This series covers the entire province using a UTM NAD83 projection. 1:50,000 scale compilation, circa 1980.
    This product covers the entire province.

    Please note: Some of the status maps above are in Portable Document Format (PDF), which uses the Adobe® Acrobat® Reader. If you do not have the Reader, you can download the program free of charge.

  • Where to Order Digital Data Products
  • Retail Price List

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