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NSCAF Data Structure
NSCAF has multiple graphic and tabular components in a relational database structure that is accessed using geographic information systems (GIS) and other computer software. The main graphic components include: a community boundary (or general service area (GSA)) file that blankets the entire province; a road network centreline file; and a point file that locates residences, commercial structures, recreational complexes, etc. Building footprints are also captured for some areas of the Province. In addition to a name, each community / GSA has a unique provincial key which forms the prefix for numeric identifiers assigned to road segments and addressed points within it. Tabular information is linked to graphic elements in a similar fashion.

The civic address, building use and name, number of units (residential or commercial, etc.) and lineage and source information are stored and linked to the point features. Each point is also linked to the road segment which provides access to it. Road names, aliases, posting information, and address ranges are among the items associated with each road segment.

NSCAF contains information about 400,000 civic points and 31,000 km of roads.

Although its primary function is to support E911 emergengy response activities, NSCAF, when used in conjunction with the Nova Scotia Topographic Database and/or the Nova Scotia Property Records Database, etc. becomes an even more powerful analytical tool.

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