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NSCAF Viewer and Maintenance Tools

The objective of the Nova Scotia Civic Address Project (NSCAF) has been to build a province-wide geo-referenced digital civic address file. In consultation with our many partners, we have developed user-friendly web tools (online applications), that enable civic users to make real time address changes and updates to the Civic Address File. This ensures that the most current civic address mapping is available for stakeholders.

Civic Address Viewer Civic Address Maintenance Tool
The Nova Scotia Civic Address File (NSCAF) stores the data that is displayed in the Civic Address Viewer. The Viewer, restricted for access / use by NSCAF stakeholders and government users, provides one method of accessing data in the NSCAF. Other tools have been developed for updating and accessing the data. However, the Viewer provides a simple interface that enables users to search by civic address, Assessment Account Number (AAN), Property Identifier (PID), and other variables. While the Civic Address Viewer has some similarity to MapPoint (MSN Maps and Directions), Yahoo! Maps, and other web based mapping tools it is more comprehensive, up to date, and accurate than other available services. It is also integrated with the Nova Scotia Property Records Database (NSPRD) to provide basic property information.

The Civic Address Maintenance Tool is the main conduit for updating the Nova Scotia Civic Address File (NSCAF). This tool is designed for municipalities, First Nations communities, and Transportation and Public Works to add and modify civic address, including building centroids, civic numbers, road centrelines, and road names.

Updating the NSCAF provides automatic notification (when activated) to Emergency Measures Organization (EMO). When EMO acknowledges the update, an e-mail or fax notification is automatically sent to the user who made the update, as well as to all other affected agencies. This single step notification reduces the previous effort required by the users to fax or mail notification to multiple agencies.

Updates to the NSCAF are also immediately available to all users, providing a more timely maintenance of the system. This ensures that the 911 operators at the Public Service Answering Points (PSAPs) and other emergency service providers always have access to the most up-to-date information.

The Maintenance Tool interface uses a mapping component and a database component. This reflects the structure of the underlying NSCAF database. The NSCAF links all records back to either a polygon (community boundary), line (road), or point (buildings, and other addressable locations) feature on the map. These links are accomplished through the relational database structure of the NSCAF and are maintained internally by the Maintenance Tool application.


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