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Having a Baby or Adopting

There is a lot to know about having a baby. Help prepare yourself with our quick links to information about government benefits, health and well-being during and after pregnancy, and the development and care of children.

Use the following links to navigate to specific subjects that may be of interest to you.

  1. Adopting
  2. Prenatal Information
  3. Identification for Your Baby
  4. Government Benefits
  5. Postnatal Information
  6. Child Safety
  7. Childcare


If you are considering adoption, learn more about eligibility and the process required for local and international adoption through the following links.

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Prenatal Information

Mom and Baby’s Health During Pregnancy

You should follow the experts' advice when it comes to prenatal care. Use our links to find helpful information about staying healthy during pregnancy and to find answers to questions you may have about labour and delivery.

Labour and Delivery

Multiple Births

Other Useful Information

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Identification for Your Baby

To learn about the easy and convenient way you can apply for some of these services when you register your baby's birth with Nova Scotia Vital Statistics visit Bundled Birth Service.

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Government Benefits

When you have a baby, you may be entitled to receive government benefits such as Employment Insurance (EI) and Canada Child Benefits (CCB). Use our links to find out more.

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Postnatal Information

After the arrival of a new baby you may have some more questions. Here are a few links that you may find helpful.

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Child Safety

It's amazing how a child can change your life and how they are dependent on you to take care of them. Here are some links to help you keep your family safe:

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Click on the following links to find out more about licensed daycare facilities and daycare regulations in Nova Scotia.



You can locate a nanny through the yellow pages under Nannies or some Employment Agencies have listings for nannies. The Department of Labour and Advanced Education has information regarding the employment standards relating to nannies.

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