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Losing Your Wallet

We have links to websites, telephone numbers, and online forms to help you replace important documents and identification. We cover passports, permanent resident cards, social insurance numbers, birth certificates, and health cards. It's a good starting point for replacing lost or stolen I.D.

  • contact your local police to let them know it is missing or to find out if it was turned in to them
  • contact your financial institutions and credit card companies so they can cancel your cards.
  • contact government offices to report your lost government identification and cards.

Identity Theft

Here are some helpful links on identity theft for both consumers and business operators

Credit Cards and Debit Cards

Contact the financial institution or credit card company that issued your card.

Nova Scotia Birth Certificate

A birth certificate is an official document which includes a person's legal name, date of birth and place of birth, and is issued by the province in which the person was born. If the person was born in another province or country you will need to contact that province or country, in order to replace the birth certificate. Contact Service Nova Scotia for further information.

Nova Scotia Health Card

A Nova Scotia Health Card proves that a person is registered for insured health services in Nova Scotia. You will need three pieces of identification in order to replace your Nova Scotia Health Card. For information contact the Department of Health..

Social Insurance (Number) Card

A Social Insurance (Number) Card is a piece of identification that has a person's name and Social Insurance Number on it. It is required for many federal programs.  You will need a primary form of identification in order to get a replacement Social Insurance Number (SIN) card. Contact Human Resources and Skills Development Canada to obtain a another card.

Nova Scotia Driver's Licence

You will need three pieces of identification to pick up a replacement Nova Scotia Driver's Licence, go to your nearest Registry of Motor Vehicles for more information.

Nova Scotia ID Card

For more information on the Identification Requirements to get a Nova Scotia ID Card, please go to the Registry of Motor Vehicles web site.

Library Card

Please contact the library that issued your card to report a lost card. To find the a library's  address, contact information, e-mail and web address search the directory of Nova Scotia Libraries.

Canadian Passport

A passport is an internationally accepted document for proof of identification and citizenship.  You will need an original document proving Canadian citizenship in order to replace or get a new passport. For more information, contact Passport Canada.

Certificate of Indian Status Card

You will need two pieces of identification in order to replace your status card. For information contact your local Indian and Northern Affairs Canada.

Canadian Citizenship Card

You will need two pieces of identification in order to get a citizenship card. Contact Citizenship and Immigration if you require more information.

Immigration Record of Landing

Please contact Citizenship and Immigration Canada at their toll-free telephone service.

Permanent Resident Card

Refer to the Document Checklist for information on obtaining a replacement Permanent Resident Card (PR Card).

Firearms Licence / Firearms Acquisition Certificate

You can replace your Firearms Licence without any identification. Contact the Canadian Firearms Centre for more information.

Pleasure Craft Operator Card

To replace your Pleasure Craft Operator Card, contact the private sector organization that issued the card.