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Buying, Owning or Selling a Home

  1. For Landlords
  2. Buying or Selling a Home
  3. Building, Renovating and Maintaining a Home
  4. Building Codes and Land Use Planning

For Landlords

Buying or Selling a Home

  • Buying a Home A step-by-step outline of the homebuying process, information about financing and mortgages, and useful tools and publications
  • Topics for homeowners Canada Revenue Agency
  • Property Assessment Enquiry Easy access to property information to help you decide if your assessment is a reasonable estimate of market value.
  • Nova Scotia Real Estate Commission Consumer Information including a Buyer's Guide, and Seller's Guide and the terms used by the real estate industry
  • Property information from REALTORS® across Canada.
  • Designed to help eligible seniors remain in their homes by providing them with an annual rebate on their municipal property taxes

Building, Renovating and Maintaining a Home

  • Hiring a Contractor Important consumer information on how to hire the right contractor for your construction or renovation
  • Hire a Professional? Consumer Information from the Nova Scotia Home Builders' Association
  • Canadian Home Builders' Association In the market for a new home? Here is the information, ideas and practical advice you need.
  • Home BUILDER magazine The official magazine of the Canadian Home Builders' Association - specializes in educating readers on the latest installation tips, building techniques and materials that can be put into on-site practice every day.
  • Builders' Manual Canadian Home Builders Association - written for consumers planning on building or contractors who want to go beyond the basics, and produce better homes and do it properly
  • Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation Canada (CMHC) Comprehensive guide to buying or renting a home
  • NS Municipal Contacts Need a building permit or other associated approvals for water and sewer?
  • NS Energy Information Information on a wide range of information services that relate to energy conservation in home construction and renovation, appliances, transportation, heating systems, etc., ...

Building Codes and Land Use Planning