Calculated Need: Educational Costs and Resources

How we calculate your Assistance amounts

To calculate Resources available to the student, we consider:

To calculate your Educational Costs, we consider:

  • Tuition, Textbooks and mandatory school fees
  • The cost of travelling back and forth to classes from where you'll be living.
  • The cost of travelling to and from the family home, if the student lives away from home.
  • Basic living expenses (housing, food, necessities).

You do not need to estimate or document any of these Costs:

  • Tuition, Textbooks and mandatory fee amounts are supplied to our office by your school.
  • Travel and living expenses are determined using the Canada Student Loans Program guidelines that are applied equally to all students in the province. You can view the Need Assessment Table for Student Living Allowances and other education expenses on the website.

Costs that we do not consider when calculating need:

  • Cell phones/data plans
  • Discretionary income spending such as vehicles, home renovations, cottages, consumer goods, etc.

For students with a permanent disability, or with a permanently disabled dependant or spouse, other expenses may be allowed.

Calculated Need

We subtract your total educational costs from your total resources. If you do not have enough resources available to you meet your total educational costs, then your assessment will show that you have a calculated need.

Eligible students receive student assistance amounts in the amount of their calculated need, up to the program maximums.