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SolicitationPosting DateClosing DateDescription
08T002477227 February 201713 March 2017Utility, Vehicle, 24 HP, Diesel, Cab
08Y002477127 February 201710 March 2017VARIOUS FLOWERS, BULBS, CUTTINGS, GRASS SEE
UR-71514325 February 201709 March 2017Faculty of Education - Integrated Student Services Office Renovation
SMHC00125 February 201728 March 2017SMHC Moosomin Family Practice Re-Roof
SM04825 February 201729 March 2017Waterloo Plant Refurbishment Project
SIIT2017-2125 February 201710 March 2017Audit Services
PS001-201725 February 201727 March 2017Supply Automated Traffic Enforcement (Photo Radar), Electronic Ticketing Eq
EOI-00125 February 201710 March 2017Cryo-STXM Microscope
COR311925 February 201709 March 2017Electrical System Upgrades at Victoria Park
206-2017-0425 February 201710 March 2017P3 Phys Ed Equipment
2017-01A25 February 201708 March 2017Surfacing Structure and Superelevation Correction on Curves
17SASKPOLY04-0525 February 201720 March 2017CCTV System
1-2017RM3125 February 201717 March 2017Gravel Hauling
1-2017RM27925 February 201717 March 2017Invitation to Supply Fuel
TX610924 February 201710 March 2017Cased Crossing Program
RM3-2017-00124 February 201706 March 2017Gravel Hauling Tender - 2017
RFI-SWC201724 February 201709 March 2017Potable Water Pipeline Inspection Services RFI
ITD-RFP-034024 February 201731 March 2017Printing and Mailing Services
ITB-042-02-1724 February 201709 March 2017Royal University Hospital E9 Elevator Modernization
GravelHaul201724 February 201723 March 2017Gravel Hauling Tender 2017
FuelTender24 February 201723 March 2017Fuel Tender 2017
Fuel201724 February 201708 March 2017Fuel Tender 2017
36-1724 February 201721 March 2017Three (3) Fire Trucks
2017022324 February 201709 March 2017NRCC Furnace RFP