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SolicitationPosting DateClosing DateDescription
CSC-14-P-01318 October 201407 November 2014Revised OFFICIAL COMMUNITY PLAN REVISION
HWY-H1416718 October 201429 October 2014Roadwork - Culvert
COS14-009518 October 201428 October 2014AREA GRADING SE DRAINAGE IMPROVEMENTS
COR250418 October 201428 October 2014Fitness Equipment
COR247018 October 201413 November 2014Election Management Software
AS04118 October 201407 November 2014AS/041-Aspen Ridge Subdivision Phase A1, Saskatoon
APB-2014-10-1718 October 201431 October 2014Information Management Conference
594318 October 201403 November 2014MagaZorb Total RNA Mini-Prep Kits
5656SX18 October 201422 October 2014PreQualification for Bid List - Roofing Contractors
STV0117 October 201421 October 2014St.Benedict Village Lagoon Rehabilitation
ST14-104000517 October 201422 October 2014Supply and Install Audio/Video Equipment for the North Battleford Store
SRPSD201400717 October 201430 October 2014Purchase of Machine Shop Equipment
RM491-2014-00217 October 201429 October 2014Construction of a Single Span 15 metre Bridge over the Garden River
RFP70124-00217 October 201413 November 2014Canadian Light Source Inc.: Vacuum Components for Straight 2 & 3
JP12717 October 201424 October 2014JP127 - Actuated Drives ACAN
GS-2014WeySnowRem17 October 201406 November 2014Snow Removal, Weyakwin, Saskatchewan
GS-2014SBSnowRem17 October 201406 November 2014Snow Removal, Sandy Bay, Saskatchewan
GP43317 October 201431 October 2014Diesel Powered 10,000 lb Capacity Telehandler
DD24917 October 201423 October 20145 Inch Bell & Spigot PVC Conduit - 704505
COR244617 October 201430 October 2014Regina Fire & Protective Services Uniform Work Shirts and Cargo Pants
AS03917 October 201406 November 2014AS/039-Transmission Line Salvage
594617 October 201430 October 2014Aircraft Propeller
594217 October 201429 October 2014Utility Task Vehicle
594117 October 201429 October 2014Utility Task Vehicles
2014SNOWNB17 October 201428 October 2014Snow Removal - North Battleford