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SolicitationPosting DateClosing DateDescription
10M002206924 November 201408 December 2014WMS upgrade Floodplain to Premium package
12T002206724 November 201408 December 2014Uniform Tunics & Trousers
15O002206824 November 201419 December 2014Quality Assurance Review
20T002206624 November 201408 December 2014T-Shirts with printed image
AAS002206324 November 201405 December 2014BRAKE LINING AND SYSTEM COMPONENTS
AAS002206424 November 201405 December 2014SHOCK ABSORBERS, AND COMPONENTS
AAT002204024 November 201408 December 2014Hi-Visibility Coveralls & Overalls
VB25222 November 201410 December 2014PEDESTALS
TX566722 November 201426 November 2014The Supply of Flow Computers
SCHR11-20-201422 November 201405 December 2014Willowdale Lodge Surplus Property for Sale or Lease
RW07322 November 201411 December 2014Landis Glycol Pump
RM280-00122 November 201401 December 2014Gravel Supply
RM152-2014-0522 November 201409 December 2014Gravel Crushing and Hauling
RM152-2014-0422 November 201409 December 2014Gravel Hauling
RM005-14-0222 November 201403 December 2014RM of Estevan Gravel Supply Tender
RFQ14-423822 November 201408 December 2014TPD/TPR/TPO Analyzer with Mass Spectrometer
RFQ14-423622 November 201405 December 2014Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) System
RFQ14-423322 November 201403 December 2014Solid State NMR Probe
RFP14-266822 November 201409 December 2014Dean College of Law Executive Search
Plains01-201422 November 201401 December 2014Advanced Contract Award Notice (ACAN) for Project Manager to implement a ne
PH19622 November 201410 December 2014Integrated Vegetation Management Services
NRAOS20141222 November 201404 December 2014Airport Operational Consuling Services
MG30222 November 201410 December 2014MG/302 - AutoDesk 2015 Subscription Renewal
MG30122 November 201428 November 2014MG/301 - ACAN - Inductively Coupled Plasma – Mass Spectrometer
JP12222 November 201410 December 2014JP122 - SaskPower Security Services