Canada Tender Exchange

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SolicitationPosting DateClosing DateDescription
SRHA-028-12-1607 December 201630 December 2016Supply of Intramedullary Nails
RM-468-02-201607 December 201623 December 2016Road Gravel
HWY-RFP-16011107 December 201605 January 2017Heritage Impact Resource Assessment
ENVEPB-2016-0107 December 201604 January 2017Geo-Data Update
DD28207 December 201612 January 2017Pole Line Hardware-Cast Steel Products (M14-4)
COR313107 December 201605 January 20172017 Water Main Relining
Copy-RM-98-2016-11-24-207 December 201612 December 2016Copy of Gravel Supply & Stockpile
CHROM12-09-1607 December 201609 December 2016Information Systems Chromebook Tender
AG-PDD111607 December 201630 December 2016LAND AUCTION SALE SERVICES
714012-Tender05-207 December 201615 December 2016College Avenue Campus-Tender Package 05-Underpinning-Ammended
671907 December 201612 December 2016Guardrail Materials
36083-01-1607 December 201622 December 2016Artificial Field Turf Project
16P-0002307 December 201620 December 2016VB6 Technology-Migration
124-1607 December 201614 December 2016Purchase of One (1) Color Photocopier
ST16-104000406 December 201616 December 2016Plantronics DA80
ST-Doc89341739806 December 201616 December 2016Request for Proposal for Java Developer Resources at SaskTel International
ST-Doc88686750706 December 201616 December 2016Request for Proposal for Various Developers
SHC-29-10-1606 December 201613 January 2017Rental Development Program - Request for Proposal
SHC-12-05-1606 December 201622 December 2016Tender Call for the Renovation of a group home 27 Brigham Road, Moose Jaw
RFTHDA2866-1A06 December 201616 December 2016Collaborative Science Research Building (CSRB) – Package 1A
PNRHA00506 December 201630 December 2016CT Scanners
HWY-H1612806 December 201616 December 2016Roadwork-Stocpiling
DP09306 December 201605 January 2017DP/093 AURORA HORIZONTAL PUMP SUPPLY
DD28106 December 201621 December 2016Anchors (M14.1)