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SolicitationPosting DateClosing DateDescription
ST-Doc92856172921 January 201703 February 2017Scissor Lift for Warehouse in Regina (RFQ)
SM04421 January 201710 February 2017Precipitator component installation
SAB-COM00121 January 201717 February 2017Public Awareness Campaign Research
SAB-COM21 January 201717 February 2017Public Awareness Campaign Research
RM491-2017-00121 January 201713 February 2017Construction of a Two Span Concrete and Timber Bridge in the RM of Buckland
RM32-2017-0321 January 201707 February 2017RFP 2017 Fuel Supply
HWY-H1613221 January 201731 January 2017Roadwork - Surfacing
CP20170121 January 201707 February 2017Grader Blade Tender
COS17-016121 January 201707 February 2017AMMUNITION
COL2017012021 January 201702 February 2017Contractor Pre-Qualification for City of Lloydminster 2017 Capital Projects
2017-01T21 January 201714 February 2017For the Supply and Delivery of Four (4) 2017 Model, 30 Ft Low Floor Convent
2017-001-HTCSD21 January 201710 February 2017Sports Floor St. Agnes gym
17-191972-ITT-SIGA21 January 201703 February 2017Firework Shows
17-1721 January 201721 February 2017Commercial Rotary Mower 3.4M
16-1721 January 201721 February 2017Commercial Rotary Mower
15-1721 January 201709 February 2017Portable Toilet Rentals
14-1721 January 201708 February 2017Parks - Supplies
13-1721 January 201707 February 2017Field Marking Paint
11-1721 January 201702 February 2017Indirect Tax Audit and Recovery Service
ST17-102000220 January 201726 January 2017FIBER RIBBONIZER GLUE AND FOAM KIT
ST-Doc92867747320 January 201703 February 2017Request For Quote Fibre Glass Truck Body Slide-Ins
ST-Doc92467897620 January 201702 February 2017Lorne Street Gym Floor Renewal Project- Regina
RM494-2017-0220 January 201717 February 2017Gravel Loading and Hauling
RM494-2017-0120 January 201717 February 2017Gravel Crushing
RM32-2017-0220 January 201707 February 2017Municipal Road Graveling Notice of Tender