Canada Tender Exchange

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SolicitationPosting DateClosing DateDescription
ST15108226 November 201509 December 20152016 Scotsguard Grid Road Project
RM68-2015-0126 November 201503 December 2015Brokenshell Gravel Tender
RM152-2015-0826 November 201510 December 2015Channel Clearing
RM377-2015-0226 November 201515 December 2015Gravel Crushing Tender (10,000)
PCS-2015-2826 November 201509 December 2015RFP for Project Management Services – Marina Redevelopment at Rowan’s Ravin
ITD-RFP-027326 November 201507 January 2016Remote Inspection Data Capture (RIDC) Application Management Services
HWY-H1510926 November 201509 December 2015Roadwork-Surfacing
HWY-H1510826 November 201509 December 2015Roadwork-Surfacing
Doc64877507226 November 201516 December 2015Request for Information (RFI) for Data Center Infrastructure Management Too
COR280526 November 201522 December 2015Tree Pruning Services
COR275426 November 201516 December 2015Claims and Risk Management Information System
634526 November 201508 December 2015Regulator
CA27426 November 201518 December 2015Island Falls Hydro Station - PCMS Phase 3 - Unit 7 and Unit A Installation
632526 November 201523 December 2015Purchase and Travel Card Program
00022926 November 201508 December 20152016 Purchase of Propane & Supply 1000 Gallon Tank
00022826 November 201503 December 2015Stacking Chairs for Library Meeting Room
RPSB16-05-AK25 November 201503 December 2015Request for Proposal - Life Safety Systems Upgrade for Elsie Mironuck
RM377-2015-0125 November 201515 December 2015Gravel Crushing Tender (20,000)
RM285-2015-0125 November 201508 December 2015WM-1 Irrigation Canal Culvert Crossing Repairs
DP04325 November 201510 December 2015DP/043 SHAND GUILLOTION GATE VALVE SUPPLY
DL40425 November 201510 December 2015Mosaic K2 (Phase 2) Construction
COR277025 November 201515 December 2015Collection Agency Services
86940BLDGCLEANING25 November 201530 November 2015Building Cleaning Services, Fire Cache, Beauval
011PA-000000076425 November 201507 December 2015Coverslipper -AB
011PA-000000076525 November 201507 December 2015Siren System -AB