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SolicitationPosting DateClosing DateDescription
SX572028 February 201504 March 2015To Supply and Deliver Steel Braided Flex Hoses
ST15-102000328 February 201505 March 2015Sumitomo Q101 Mass fiber Splicer
ST14111128 February 201518 March 2015CONSTRUCTION OF A SUBGRADE STRUCTURE
RFP15-273728 February 201507 April 2015Gaseous Products
COR259528 February 201517 March 2015Second Pressure Zone Pump Station - HVAC Ugrades
MELF-00328 February 201531 March 2015Request for Proposals - Concession Services
COR258228 February 201517 March 2015Consulting Engineering Services for 2015 Waterworks System Assessment and W
ACAN15-00128 February 201513 March 2015Inbound Freight
2015B-1004028 February 201527 March 2015Request for Qualifications for Insurance Broker Services
600003302328 February 201505 March 2015Fiber Arrangement
20150128 February 201517 March 2015Reconstruction of approx 3.7 km (2.7 km Primary Grid and 1.0 km Municipal R
SPSD-T1415-002727 February 201527 March 2015Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP)
RM42-2015-0127 February 201531 March 2015Gravel Crushing Tender
RM06-2015-0127 February 201517 March 2015Sand Seal
HWY-H1426527 February 201510 March 2015Roadwork - Culvert
JK03727 February 201512 March 2015POPLAR RIVER POWER STATION Diagnostics Room - Electrical Install
HWY-H1418027 February 201511 March 2015Roadwork - Culvert
COS15-001527 February 201518 March 20152015 East Micro Surfacing
COS15-004327 February 201506 March 20152015 READY MIXED CONCRETE SUPPLY
COS15-000727 February 201512 March 20152015 SIDEWALK CRACK FILL
COS15-000627 February 201512 March 20152015 SIDEWALK TRIP LEDGE CUTTING
COR258727 February 201519 March 20152015 Supply and Delivery of Paratransit Buses
COR259327 February 201518 March 2015Supply and Delivery of Automated Refuse Containers
2015-GravelCrush27 February 201513 March 20152015 Gravel Crushing Tender
2FD201527 February 201513 March 20152015 Municipal Enforcement Four Wheel Drive one half ton Truck