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SolicitationPosting DateClosing DateDescription
TX579303 September 201510 September 2015To Supply General Electrical and Instrumentation Material
TX579203 September 201509 September 2015Mercury Instrument Correctors
NLSD113-HeatingOil03 September 201525 September 2015Heating Oil Tender
JP16503 September 201523 September 2015JP165 - Shand Power Station, LIFAC Upgrade - Compressor Supply
CS08703 September 201523 September 2015Ergonomic Consultants, Safety
COS15-078203 September 201508 September 2015BOILERS - WTP MAINTENANCE FACILITY
COW-ENG-ASP-1503 September 201514 September 2015Asphalt Road Pavement Recap & Reconstruction Tender 2015
COR274803 September 201516 September 2015Tree Pruning Services
COR274603 September 201516 September 2015Air Compressor
COR263503 September 201522 September 2015Landfill Gas to Energy Project Site Work General Contractor
SCA-2015-00202 September 201522 September 2015Construction Management Services for Linear Accelerator Replacement
RVS07002 September 201521 September 2015RVS/070 Janitorial Services - SaskPower Regina Buildings
RM3-2015-00502 September 201515 September 2015Motor Grader Tender
RM167-0602 September 201521 September 2015Gravel Crush
RM167-0702 September 201521 September 2015Gravel Haul
RFQ16-01602 September 201516 September 2015Radio Frequency Equipment
PCSMPB00102 September 201521 September 2015Cypress Hills MPB Infected Tree Removal
NLSD-NG02 September 201510 September 2015Natural Gas Conversion
ITB-085-09-1502 September 201506 October 2015Royal University Hospital 84 Parkade Repairs
HWY-H1508002 September 201515 September 2015Roadwork-Culvert
COS15-005402 September 201515 September 201533RD STREET MULTI-USE PATHWAY PHASE 3
COR270802 September 201522 September 2015Consulting Services for Long Range Financial Plan
COL-151102 September 201529 September 2015RFP-1511 Truck mounted Combination Jet/Vacuum Machine
AGSPP-2015-1202 September 201515 September 2015Hay Bale Hauling Between South Pasture Locations
AGSPP-2015-1102 September 201515 September 2015Dug Out Construction in Various South Pastures