Canada Tender Exchange

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SolicitationPosting DateClosing DateDescription
VB28911 February 201609 March 2016AGS and CGS Units
RM7-2016-0311 February 201611 March 2016Gravel Crushing
RM7-2016-0111 February 201611 March 2016Fuel Tender
RM7-2016-0211 February 201611 March 2016Gravel Haul Tender
MB52211 February 201604 March 2016Low Volt Fuses
RM501-2016-111 February 201625 February 2016Construction of a Clay Cap of 4.96 km on TWP Road 520
Lashburn-1-201611 February 201629 February 2016Building Demolition and Disposal
JP17911 February 201602 March 2016Flygt Submersible Pumps and Control Panels
ENVWFM15-02511 February 201624 February 2016Delivery of Training of OH&S First Aid Techniques & Procedures
ENVWFM15-02411 February 201624 February 2016Emergency Medical Services
CRWLD-1611 February 201601 March 2016Crawker Dozer -16
CPGR-200911 February 201601 March 2016Grader Purchase-09
CPGR-200411 February 201601 March 2016Corman Park Grader - 04
COS16-023411 February 201629 February 2016New Flyer Bus Refurbishment
COS16-021711 February 201624 February 20162016 Liquid Asphalt Supply
15-171063-RFQ11 February 201619 February 2016LSC Pontoon Boar and Trailer
00024611 February 201623 February 20162015/16 Model Pick Up Truck - Four Wheel Drive - Regular Cab
VB29410 February 201603 March 2016Galvanized Bolts (M14-2C)
VB29210 February 201603 March 2016Galvanized U-bolts and Links (M14-2B)
VB29110 February 201629 February 2016Tape (M1)
UofSRFP16-322110 February 201604 March 2016Brand & Visual Identity for Pension Related Communication Materials
ST16-103000510 February 201616 February 2016SUPPLY OF BRADY LABELS & RIBBON
ENVWFM15-02310 February 201624 February 2016Aviation Services - Long Term
Doc67878447510 February 201604 March 2016Request for Proposal for Data Center Service Auditor
COS16-023210 February 201625 February 2016Digital Protective Relays