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SolicitationPosting DateClosing DateDescription
SHC-09-31-1401 October 201416 October 2014Renovation for a group home 442 Wood Lily Drive, Moose Jaw
SHC-09-30-1401 October 201416 October 2014Renovation for a group home 185 Wood Lily Drive, Moose Jaw
DD24701 October 201415 October 2014Suspension Insulators - Ball & Socket
CS-LLM15001A01 October 201416 October 2014Foundation Remediation and Basement Repairs, Queen's Bench Court House, Pri
COR246501 October 201421 October 2014Landfill Gas to Energy Project - Generator and Gas Conditioning Equipment
593101 October 201414 October 2014Gas Monitors
589801 October 201414 October 2014Compact Track Loader
2014C-2021901 October 201415 October 2014SAPONTH - Steel Pipeline Realignment
2014-08-COH01 October 201416 October 2014Water Treatment Plant Sodium Hypochlorite Feed System
1-68-2014RM01 October 201409 October 2014Tenders for Large Diameter Culvert Installation
SX-563630 September 201402 October 2014Service Tees
SHC-09-25-1430 September 201409 October 2014Storm Damage Repair, Heritage Court, Balgonie SK
SX-563530 September 201402 October 2014Meter Swivels, Spuds & Nuts
EOI-PE-FITTINGS30 September 201414 October 2014Market Evaluation of Polyethylene (PE) Fittings for Natural Gas Pipeline Co
HWY-H1400430 September 201408 October 2014Roadwork-Culvert
ENV-09-2930 September 201410 October 2014Boreal Passive Network
AG02230 September 201424 October 2014AG/022 - Melfort Feeders 508/509 Rebuild (Double Circuit Tulip) - CS14-401P
COL2014092930 September 201422 October 2014City of Lloydminster 25 Street at 53 Avenue Traffic Signal
AG02130 September 201420 October 2014AG/021 - Material Racking/Docking & Cantilever Systems - Supply & Delivery
5638SX30 September 201403 October 2014Pre-Qualification for Bid List - Co-Location Provider
15SASKPOLY05-0230 September 201414 October 2014External Financial Audit Services
01-RFP-71730 September 201417 October 2014IHealth CPOE Project Director
011PA-000000068530 September 201414 October 2014Microvolume UV-Vis Spectrophotometer -AB
011PA-000000068630 September 201414 October 2014Vacuum Bowl Cutter -AB
01518530 September 201417 October 2014RFP for HAZARDOUS MATERIALS SPECIFICATION PREP & MONIT SERVS for Edm-AB Sch