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SolicitationPosting DateClosing DateDescription
STC15-04RFP29 July 201504 August 2015Risk Management and Insurance Brokerage Services
ST13283129 July 201514 August 2015Culvert Installation
SAMA15-00229 July 201521 August 2015Request For Resources - I.T. Project Manager
RM2-2015-0129 July 201511 August 2015Chip Seal 3 Miles of Super Grid
RW08729 July 201519 August 2015RW/087 – SaskPower Poplar River Power Station Fuel Pump Supply
RFP-ED-LEAN-1529 July 201521 August 2015For Lean Training, Advanced Facilitation and Professional Consulting Servic
ITD-RFP-025729 July 201528 August 2015Strategic Partners for the Justice Small Systems Solution
JK06129 July 201518 August 2015EB CAMPBELL HYDRO STATION - Service Spillway Upstream Clay Blanket Upgrades
DD26629 July 201513 August 2015Insulators
DD26529 July 201512 August 2015Regulator Control Buildings
COW-STRT-2015229 July 201511 August 2015City of Warman Haichert Street Improvements
CS04629 July 201504 September 2015CS/046-Environmental Site Remediation Services 2016-2020
COR270629 July 201512 August 201512-Foot Utility Trailer
ACAN-715-129 July 201505 August 2015Advance Contract Award Notice IBM Canada Ltd. Palo Alto Firewall
6240A29 July 201511 August 2015Used Avionics System
622929 July 201512 August 2015Dishwashing & Laundry Detergent
15-150727-ITT29 July 201511 August 2015HVAC, Plumbing, Refrigeration and Mechanical Services
2015GravelHaul29 July 201506 August 2015Hauling and Stockpiling 35,000 yards of gravel
SM24071528 July 201514 August 2015RFP for Scrap Metal Recycling Services for Kindersley Waste & Recycling Cen
RM491-2015-RFQ0528 July 201510 August 2015Supply and Delivery of Bearing Pads for a Bridge in the RM of Buckland No.
RM491-2015-RFQ0428 July 201510 August 2015Supply and Delivery of Bridgerail and Micellaneous Steel to a Bridge in the
JK06028 July 201517 August 2015SHAND POWER STATION - Cold Storage Building Design and Construction
RM491-2015-RFQ0328 July 201510 August 2015Supply and Delivery of Steel Pipe Piles for a Bridge in the RM of Buckland
FHHR-2015-00428 July 201510 August 2015Stretcher Purchase, Universal Care Unit