Canada Tender Exchange

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SolicitationPosting DateClosing DateDescription
SX603427 August 201631 August 2016Lenovo Notebooks and Desktops
RM471-2016-Aug26IN27 August 201614 September 2016Installation of Arch Culvert
RM471-2016-Aug2627 August 201614 September 2016Supply of An Arch Culvert
Marsden160127 August 201608 September 2016Sewage Lagoon Expansion
IP16-1127 August 201608 September 20162016 Building Electrical Systems Analysis
DD27827 August 201614 September 2016Concrete Products (Group I)
CY02427 August 201608 September 2016Strainer Nipawin Cooling Water Supply
CY02327 August 201608 September 2016Motorized Penstock Valves
COS16-073127 August 201614 September 2016Elevator Service & Maintenance - AF Facilities
COS16-008227 August 201613 September 2016Lined Lead Cell Decommissioning and Haul Road Construction
COR301627 August 201613 September 2016Flooring Replacement at Core Ritchie
659927 August 201607 September 2016Repair and Overhaul of Fuel Cells for CL 215, CL 215T, Baron and Commander
2016-18WasteStoon27 August 201608 September 2016Waste Disposal / Recycle Services, Various Government Buildings, Saskatoon
2016-18WasteNB27 August 201608 September 2016Waste Disposal / Recycle Services, Various Government Buildings, North Batt
ST16-103003826 August 201602 September 2016DC power items
NRAOS20160826 August 201608 September 2016Service of Airport Operational Consulting
LowRM11-2016-0126 August 201608 September 2016Low Level Crossing Construction
Doc83053056526 August 201609 September 2016Enclosed 8 X 14 Equipment Cargo Hauler Trailer
Doc82888590626 August 201609 September 2016Deck Above Trailer 16,000 Lb Capacity
COS16-071826 August 201608 September 201655' Distribution Steel Poles
COR293726 August 201613 September 2016Office Renovations
659626 August 201631 August 2016Electric Boilerless Convection Steamer
659126 August 201608 September 2016Meat and Poultry
16-050616-RFP26 August 201622 September 2016SIGA Box Office Ticketing Solution
011PA-000000082126 August 201606 September 2016Seed Incubator -AB