Treasury and Policy Board Mandate

The mandate of Treasury and Policy Board shall be to ensure that plans and policies for the operation of the government of the Province are implemented in a co-ordinated and fiscally responsible manner and, without limiting the generality of the foregoing, shall include:

  • review and analysis of business plans of departments, offices and government agencies and recommendations to the Executive Council on the allocation of financial and other resources to those departments, offices and agencies;
  • establishment of values, standards, publicly-published policies, results and targets for the administration, operation, management and accountability of government, including areas related to human resources and information technology;
  • making recommendations to the Executive Council on the broad structure and allocation of responsibilities to individual government departments, offices and government agencies, and approval of structures and functions within those departments and agencies;
  • examination and reporting to the Executive Council on all matters related to the financial management, commitment of funds, and expenditure of funds provided by the Province to departments, offices and government agencies;
  • examination, reporting, and direction on matters relating to the development, recommendation and execution of policies, programs and plans respecting the management of the internal operations of government, including administrative, expenditure, human resource and information technology policies;
  • establishment of policies, procedures and processes related to the commitment and expenditure of all monies provided by the Province, whether provided to departments or offices, as a public service vote, or to government agencies;
  • establishment of reporting requirements to ensure the full reporting and accountability of departments, offices and government agencies for the allocation of and results obtained by the use of financial, human, information technology and capital
  • determination of the management information systems to be used in the ongoing management and operation of departments, offices or government agencies;
  • taking any action deemed appropriate to ensure the ongoing governance and operation of departments, offices or government agencies is in compliance with this Act.