How to Apply

Have you checked to see if you qualify?

Have you registered through Nova Scotia Student Assistance and declared your disability?

  • Yes. Continue.
  • No. Apply now, even if you will not need a student loan. Here is the link to student assistance.

Each student who declares having a permanent disability and who has one dollar of financial need is automatically awarded a $2000 Canada Student Grant each academic year. You do not repay this grant.

Other disability-related grants for services and equipment of up to $8000 for each academic year are also available. Meet with a disabilities resource facilitator or administrator at your institution to discuss your needs.

If you do not have a disability resource facilitator at your institution, call Post-Secondary Disability Services at 1-800-565-8420.

Has an appropriate and qualified medical assessor completed the Disability Verification Form on your behalf?

  • Yes. Continue.
  • No. Arrange to have this completed by going through your myPATH account. If you do not have a myPATH account please select student assistance to take you to the website to register.

Have you submitted your completed Disability Verification Form in MyPATH?

  • Yes. Continue.
  • No. You must submit this form to Nova Scotia Student Assistance so they can determine your eligibility for disability grants. Do this before continuing.

Have you been approved as a student with a permanent disability?

Submit services and equipment requests online through MyPATH

The disabilities resource facilitator at your institution can help with this. They can help you identify the specific barriers you may experience in your chosen area of study. They can also suggest which services and equipment could help you overcome those barriers.

NOTE: Part-time students or no disability resource facilitator at your school, call Post-Secondary Disability Services at 1-800-565-8420

To apply for services and equipment go through student assistance MyPATH. Click on the following link to help you apply for services and equipment.