Office of L’nu Affairs

Our Office is responsible for coordinating the Province's approach to Aboriginal issues. That includes discussions and negotiations with the Government of Canada and organizations representing Mi'kmaq communities.

The majority of our work is conducted through the Mi'kmaq-Nova Scotia-Canada Tripartite Forum and the Made-in-Nova Scotia Process. The Tripartite Forum is a partnership of the three governments and targets collaborative action on social and economic issues. The Made-in-Nova Scotia Process is focused on resolving issues related to Aboriginal and treaty rights in Nova Scotia. More information on both these processes can be found on this website. We also have responsibility to coordinate government's approach to consultation with the Mi'kmaq of Nova Scotia on matters that may impact their rights.

In addition, the Office has a mandate to increase public awareness and understanding of Aboriginal issues. We do this through the development of resources for the general public, schools and targeted audiences.

For more information please visit the following sections of our website:
Negotiations | Consultation| Aboriginal and Intergovernmental Relations| Public Education and Awareness