Accessibility Directorate

Accessibility in education and the built environment: consultation

Government is developing accessibility standards in education and the built environment. We’re asking Nova Scotians to help by sharing their experiences with accessibility barriers in these areas.

Anyone who’s interested in accessibility in education or the built environment is invited to complete this survey. The deadline for submissions is June 12.

Accessibility Act

The purpose of Nova Scotia’s Accessibility Act is to prevent and remove barriers to accessibility in:

  • the built environment
  • education
  • employment
  • transportation
  • information and communication
  • goods and services

To learn more about our accessibility strategy, read the Access by Design 2030document

Developing standards

Based on previous public consultations and recommendations from the Accessibility Advisory Board, we’re developing accessibility standards in education and the built environment first. 
Your input will help our standard development committees and the Accessibility Advisory Board develop recommendations to government. We’ll also consider feedback from previous consultations on education in Nova Scotia.


Education standards will address accessibility in public and private early childhood education, elementary school, junior high school, high school, college, and university, including the Nova Scotia School for Adult Learning.

Built Environment

Built environment standards will address how to make buildings, rights-of-way and outdoor spaces accessible.

Take the survey



The survey is available in English, French and American Sign Language (ASL). The Accessibility Directorate can send you a paper copy of the survey. You can also share your thoughts in a written submission or in an alternate format. Contact the Accessibility Directorate for more information on how you can submit your responses. The deadline for submissions is June 12.

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