Action for Health

A Strategic Plan for Nova Scotia

The work to transform healthcare in Nova Scotia requires time, energy, and investment.

It will not be easy. It will be expensive. And it will not happen overnight. But we are willing to do the work and make the investments needed to give Nova Scotians the health system they deserve. Our plan highlights many – but not all – of the actions that will be taken over the next four years.

About Action For Health

Advancing six core solutions for healthcare.

Each solution with its own objective for creating an efficient, modern, equitable, and respectful health ecosystem. The work, actions, and investments generated by these solutions will make an impact in the short and the long term. Learn more on each solution, its status, and results below.

Measuring success is a key part of this work.

We will do so transparently, through performance measures that will be easily accessible to the public. Health and well-being will be monitored over the long term to track changes in the overall health status of Nova Scotians.

For all of the key indicators for the solutions, please view our Solution Results pdf.

For information on the healthcare system, updated daily, please go to our Daily Dashboard.