Agencies, Boards & Commissions

In Nova Scotia, Agencies, Boards & Commissions (ABC’s) offer the public an opportunity to serve. These public adjudicative and non-adjudicative provincial organizations are established by statute or regulation and are mainly appointed by the Minister or Order in Council.

The department oversees several bodies that make financial, regulatory, business or policy recommendations or decisions.

Agricultural Marshland Conservation Commission

Agricultural Marshland Conservation Commission advises the minister on the conservation, protection, development and maintenance of marshland for agricultural purposes.

Crop and Livestock Arbitration Board

Crop and Livestock Arbitration Board hears and settles loss disputes between the Nova Scotia Crop and Livestock Insurance Commission and an insured person.

Crop and Livestock Insurance Commission

Crop and Livestock Insurance Commission oversees crop and livestock insurance programs, that assist farmers and insure against insurable perils.

Farm Practices Board

Farm Practices Board hears complaints and decides on normal farm practices. The board may also study and report on matters related to farm practices.

Farm Registration Appeal Board

Farm Registration Appeal Board determines whether an organization meets the criteria for a general farm organization and hears appeals of decisions made under the Farm Registration Act.

Livestock Health Services Board

Livestock Health Services Board reviews and advises the minister on livestock health policies.

Maritime Provinces Harness Racing Commission

Maritime Provinces Harness Racing Commission governs and regulates harness racing and sets uniform rules for the industry in the Maritimes.

Natural Products Marketing Council

Natural Products Marketing Council oversees Nova Scotia’s producer commodity marketing boards. It regulates raw milk quality standards and governs the processing of raw milk and the pricing, packaging, distribution and sale of fluid dairy products.

Nova Scotia Farm Loan Board

Nova Scotia Farm Loan Board administers farm loans and sawmill (timber) operator loans and approves the acquiring, holding and disposing of agricultural lands.

Weed Control Advisory Committee

Weed Control Advisory Committee advises the minister on control of noxious or threatening weeds in Nova Scotia.