The mandate of the Department of Agriculture is to support the development of competitive, sustainable and profitable agriculture and agri-business industries that contribute to the economic, environmental and social prosperity of Nova Scotia.

Our vision is of a Nova Scotia agriculture and agri-food industry that is diversified, market-focused and profitable. We envision for an industry recognized for its adaptable, collaborative business approach.

To better serve Nova Scotians and to reflect Homegrown Success, our 10-year strategy to make the agriculture industry more competitive, innovative and profitable, the Department of Agriculture has recently reorganized and streamlined its operations into two branches: Agriculture and Food Operations, and Policy and Corporate Services.

Agriculture and Food Operations

Under the Agriculture and Food Operations branch, three divisions exist: Food Protection; Agriculture, Food & Advisory Services; and Agriculture Protection. The responsibilities of this branch include:

  • Advisory Services and Outreach;
  • Regional Services, which includes resource coordinators, rural leadership and land protection operations;
  • Provincial Programming, which includes business development, transition coordinators, agriculture education and environmental and land protection;
  • Protection Services, which includes pathology and analytical lab services, and animal protection, which includes food inspection, meat inspection, animal welfare, bees, weeds and pests.

Policy and Corporate Services

The Policy and Corporate Services branch consists of four divisions: Policy & Planning; Agri-food & Fisheries Agencies; Programs & Business Risk Management, and Corporate Initiatives. The responsibilities of this branch include:

  • Procurement, leasing, FOIPOP, building management, occupational health and safety;
  • Planning, policy and legislative development;
  • Research and analytics;
  • Crown agencies, including the Farm Loan Board and the Fisheries and Aquaculture Loan Board, the Natural Products Marketing Council and the Crop and Livestock Insurance Commission;
  • Programs and Business Risk Management, including the development of programs such as Growing Forward 2, the Homegrown Success suite of programs, and our business risk management program.