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Department of Agriculture Alphabetical Listing


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Amyot, Beth Agricultural Technician Bible Hill 902-893-7304
Arnfast, Paul Loan Officer Bible Hill 902-890-4875
Aucoin, Linda Accounting Coordinator Bible Hill 902-896-2311
Bailey, Julie Manager, Environmental Sustainability and Climate Change Bible Hill
Baker, Charlene Secretary to Minister Halifax 902-424-4388
Barrington-Hodgson, Dawn Agricultural Education Liaison Bible Hill 902-893-7495
Bauchman, Craig Aboiteau Superintendent Falmouth 902-798-5325
Beaton, Janice Administrative Support Bible Hill 902-893-4683
Bekkers, Kevin Director, Resources Sustainability Bible Hill 902-893-6363
Bell, Nick Senior Risk Specialist Bible Hill 902-893-6509
Biggs, Jaclyn Loan Officer Bible Hill 902-698-1468
Birch, Vickie Administrative Assistant to CEO Bible Hill 902-893-6908
Blaauwendraat, Marlene Administrative Assistant Bible Hill 902-896-1279
Black, Heather Financial Services Officer Bible Hill 902-893-3561
Boyd, L. Laureen Secretary Antigonish 902-863-4705
Breen, Shannon Medical Laboratory Technologist Bible Hill
Brenton-Gloade, Susan Admin. Assistant Bible Hill
Briggins, David Sr. Corporate Policy Strategist Bible Hill 902-893-6580
Brooks, Derrick Director, Sector Development and Innovation Bible Hill 902-896-2485
Brown, Kari Agriculture Leadership Coordinator Cornwallis 902-223-8085
Buckland, Dr. Laura Veterinary Pathologist Bible Hill 902-893-6526
Burkhard, Nicole Agricultural Transition Officer Cornwallis 902-247-4350
Burry, Mike Development Officer Bible Hill 90-2890-1224
Chandler, Cheryl Resource Coordinator Mabou 902-945-2902
Chapelhow, Gina Secretary Cornwallis 902-638-2395
Chopra, Hema Senior Policy Analyst Bible Hill 902-893-6582
Colwell, Honourable Keith Minister Halifax 902-424-4388
Conley, Glenda Special Credit Officer Bible Hill 902-893-4701
Creelman, Debbie Administrative Support Bible Hill 902-893-7444
Creelman, Melodie Amanda Database Administrator Bible Hill 902-896-2380
Crosby, Darlene Lab Assistant Bible Hill
Crouse, Elizabeth General Manager, NPMC Bible Hill 902-893-6511
Crowell, Milo Agricultural Technician Bible Hill 902-893-7304
Davidson, Michele Administrative Assistant Bible Hill 902-893-5943
Delaney, Tim Manager Bible Hill 902-896-4878
Devanney, Michael Senior Policy Analyst Bible Hill 902-893-6388
Devine, Lisa Executive Assistant Bible Hill 902-893-6590
Dorn-Kouwenberg , Danielle Regulatory Planning Officer Bible Hill 902-893-5943
Dunn, Frank Deputy Minister Halifax 902-424-0301
Esau, Carl Manager, Land Protection and Field Services Truro 902-893-6568
Flemming, Julia Admin. Assistant Bible Hill 902-893-4642
Forgeron, Joanna Legislation and Policy Assistant Halifax 902-424-6128
Fraser, Pam Loans Manager Kentville 902-679-6010
Fraser, Denise Agricultural Technician Bible Hill 902-893-6537
Garnett, Angela Field Agent Kentville 902-679-6028
Gilbert, Gary Aboiteau Superintendent Nappan 902-667-6466
Gillis, Marina Agriculture Leadership Coordinator Sydney 902-563-2001
Gourd, Angela Plant Protection Coordinator Bible Hill 902-956-0981
Gowan, Lisa Agricultural Technician Bible Hill 902-893-7304
Graham, Maurice Lab Assistant Bible Hill 902-893-7304
Graham, Catherine Dr. Veterinary Pathologist Bible Hill 902-893-6538
Graham, Jody Agreements Coordinator Bible Hill 902-896-4807
Grant, Ruth Director, Regional Extension Bible Hill 902-896-2329
Graves, Paulette Special Credit Officer Bible Hill 902-890-6214
Hamilton, Chris Manager, Finance Bible Hill 902-893-6309
Hanlon Smith, Claire Select Nova Scotia Coordinator Bible Hill 902-893-4491
Hart, Tracey Loans Administrator Bible Hill 902-896-4802
Hart, Mary Loan Administrator Bible Hill 902-896-4800
Hennessey, Jeff Business Development Officer Sydney 902-563-2418
Hersey, Nicole Communications Advisor Halifax 902-424-0308
Hingley, Beth Executive Secretary Bible Hill 902-893-6386
Hingley, Darrell Aboiteau Superintendent Bible Hill 902-893-6576
Hirtle, Colin Agriculture Leadership Coordinator Kentville 902-679-6027
Hoeg, Rick Senior Program Administrator Bible Hill 902-890-7802
Hoyt, Jacqueline Agriculture Leadership Coordinator Bible Hill 902-893-6586
Hughes, Heather Director Bible Hill 902-896-4872
Jones, Christina Policy Analyst Bible Hill 902-956-2800
Kerr, Robert, Dr. Program Veterinarian Bible Hill 902-893-3491
Kittilsen, Michael Agricultural Resource Coordinator Bible Hill 902-893-3645
Kittilsen, Lori Director Bible Hill 902-893-4518
Koziel, Gary Agricultural Resource Coordinator Sydney 902-563-2000
Lenihan, Wanda Loan Assistant Kentville 902-679-6009
Lucas , Melanie Records Analyst Bible Hill 902-896-4871
MacAulay, Marion Director Bible Hill 902-893-6518
MacCulloch, Brian Agricultural Resource Coordinator Kentville 902-679-6006
MacDonald, Jennifer Administrative Support Bible Hill 902-893-6523
MacDonald, Kelly Operations Clerk Bible Hill 902-893-6372
MacDougall, Rhonda Agriculture Leadership Coordinator Mabou 902-863-7501
Macintosh, George Supervisor, Field Services Bible Hill 902-893-7774
MacKeil, Janelle Medical Laboratory Technologist Bible Hill
MacLean, Donna (DJ) Program Administration Officer Bible Hill 902-896-7076
MacLelllan, Matthias Policy Analyst Halifax 902-896-4882
MacLeod, John (Bill) Chief Executive Officer Bible Hill 902-893-7755
MacMillan, Katherine Medical Laboratory Technologist Bible Hill 902-893-6540
MacNeil, Ross Agriculture Leadership Coordinator Lunenburg 902-634-7575
MacPherson, Terri Agricultural Transition Officer Antigonish 902-863-2087
MacPherson, Mark Manager Bible Hill 902-893-6579
Mahoney, Robin Admin. Assistant Bible Hill 902-893-6377
Matheson, Chrissy Media Relations Advisor Halifax 902-471-2444
McCabe, John Resource Management Officer Bible Hill 902-893-7514
McCallum, Darlene Program Administrative Officer Bible Hill 902-896-2207
McCurdy, Maria Manager, Credit Bible Hill 902-893-6241
McGee, Sabrina Program Administrator Bible Hill 902-896-2353
McKay, Terry Agricultural Resource Coordinator Cornwallis 902-247-4420
Meade, Keith Morgue Attendant Bible Hill
Miller, Dawn Resource Management Specialist Bible Hill 902-893-6548
Morgan, Elizabeth (Liz) Program Administration Officer Bible Hill 902-896-2468
Mosher, Rosalyn Exec. Secretary to DM Halifax 902-424-0301
Mosley, Jennifer Loan Officer Bible Hill 902-774-0102
Muir, Daniel Traceability Coordinator Bible Hill 902-890-9840
Muller, Werner Manager, Sector Development Bible Hill
Murray, John Project Officer Bible Hill 902-324-1231
Murray, Lindsay Office Administrator Bible Hill 902-843-9467
Naugle, Gail Acting Technical Laboratory Operations Supervisor Bible Hill 902-893-6540
Nelson, Karen Policy Analyst Bible Hill 902-896-4879
Osborne, Theresa Corporate Services Coordinator Bible Hill 902-896-4876
Paris, Shakara Program Administration Officer Bible Hill 902-893-6581
Paris, Shakara Administrative Support Truro
Parsons-Lushington, Alicia Coordinator of Research and Development Bible Hill 902-893-7764
Patton, Lisa Program Administration Officer Bible Hill 902-893-6378
Peill, Mike Field Agent Kentville 902-679-6015
Percival, Dianne Agricultural Technician Bible Hill 902-893-7304
Plumridge, Catherine Secretary Sydney 902-563-2000
Plumstead, Janice Policy Analyst Bible Hill 902-893-4568
Power, Natasha Policy Analyst Bible Hill
Putnam, Paula Manager, Research and Innovation Bible Hill
Putnam, Jackie Administrative Assistant Bible Hill 902-893-6370
Robichaud, Loretta Senior Director, Advisory Services Bible Hill 902-893-7534
Rushton, Robbie Accounting Analyst Bible Hill 902-893-4536
Sandeson, Laurie Industry Development Coordinator Bible Hill 902-896-4338
Scott, Lori Tech. Lab Operations Supervisor Bible Hill 902-893-6562
Sears, Erin Loan Officer Bible Hill 902-956-4383
Shea, Vernon Vessel Inspector Bible Hill 902-237-8508
Small, Danny Business Development Officer Bible Hill 902-956-4463
Smith, David Aboiteau Superintendent Kentville 902-679-6019
Sooksom, Rebecca Manager, Regional Programming Bible Hill 902-893-6584
Sparrow, Michelle Quality Assurance Bible Hill 902-893-6552
Sproule, Jason Apiculturalist & Pesticide Minor Use Coordinator Bible Hill 902-890-1565
Stadelmayer, Lisa Performance Evaluation Coordinator Bible Hill 902-890-0542
Stanford, Sally Quality Assurance Bible Hill 902-893-7467
Steele, Cyrus Surveyor Bible Hill 902-896-2321
Stoddard, Ginger Administrative Assistant Bible Hill 902-893-6510
Streatch, Sharon Loan Assistant Bible Hill 902-893-4709
Swyers, Kelly Agricultural Technician Bible Hill 902-893-7304
Tattrie, Steve Manager, Animal and Crop Services Bible Hill 902-893-6587
Theriau, Cheryl Secretary Kentville 902-679-6021
Thibeau, Tina Communications Director Halifax 902-424-0192
Thibodeau, Jessica Accounting Technician Bible Hill 902-893-6029
Thibodeau, David Business Operation Analyst Bible Hill 902-893-7614
Thompson, Jen Director Crown Lending Agencies Bible Hill 902-893-6500
Thyssen, Gloria Field Agent Bible Hill 902-893-7745
Tobin, Natasha Health & Safety Coordinator Bible Hill 902-896-4811
Tulkens, Karen Loan Assistant Bible Hill 902-896-4465
Turner, Sarah Manager, Extension Services Bible Hill
Vacant,  Agricultural Transition Officer Bible Hill 902-896-1288
Vacant,  Manager, Programs Bible Hill 902-896-4890
Vacant,  ThinkFARM Coordinator Bible Hill 902-893-7495
Vacant,  Coordinator, Innovation & Acceleration Bible Hill 902-896-2225
vacant,  Manager, Lab Services Bible Hill
Vieau, Melissa Executive Assistant Halifax 902-424-8854
Walker, Ernest Executive Director Bible Hill 902-896-4870
Waller, Donna Loan Administrator Bible Hill 902-893-6116
Weatherbee, Lisa Agricultural Technician Bible Hill 902-893-6537
Wentzell, Jeff Business Development Officer Kentville 902-824-0924
Wentzell, Rhonda Medical Laboratory Technologist Bible Hill
Wile, Adam Agricultural Resource Coordinator Antigonish 902-863-7500
Williams, Marie Admin. Assistant Bible Hill 902-893-6575
Winn, Rebecca Policy Analyst Bible Hill 902-896-2366
Young, Ronald Agricultural Transition Officer Kentville 902-698-1545