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AG. & FOOD OPERATIONS: Agriculture and Food Advisory Services
Agriculture and Food Advisory Services
Flemming,  Julia Admin. Assistant Bible Hill 902-893-4642
Vacant Admin. Support (Reception) Bible Hill 902-893-6530
Regional Extension
Grant,  Ruth Director, Regional Extension Bible Hill 902-896-2329
Sooksom,  Rebecca Manager, Regional Programming Bible Hill 902-893-6584
Turner,  Sarah Manager, Extension Services Bible Hill
MacNeil,  Ross Agriculture Leadership Coordinator Lunenburg 902-634-7575
Brown,  Kari Agriculture Leadership Coordinator Cornwallis 902-223-8085
Gillis,  Marina Agriculture Leadership Coordinator Sydney 902-563-2001
Hirtle,  Colin Agriculture Leadership Coordinator Kentville 902-679-6027
Hoyt,  Jacqueline Agriculture Leadership Coordinator Bible Hill 902-893-6586
MacDougall,  Rhonda Agriculture Leadership Coordinator Mabou 902-863-7501
Ag. Resource Coordinators / Admin.
Boyd,  L. Laureen Secretary Antigonish 902-863-4705
Chapelhow,  Gina Secretary Cornwallis 902-638-2395
Plumridge,  Catherine Secretary Sydney 902-563-2000
Theriau,  Cheryl Secretary Kentville 902-679-6021
Williams,  Marie Admin. Assistant Bible Hill 902-893-6575
Kittilsen,  Michael Agricultural Resource Coordinator Bible Hill 902-893-3645
Koziel,  Gary Agricultural Resource Coordinator Sydney 902-563-2000
MacCulloch,  Brian Agricultural Resource Coordinator Kentville 902-679-6006
McKay,  Terry Agricultural Resource Coordinator Cornwallis 902-247-4420
Wile,  Adam Agricultural Resource Coordinator Antigonish 902-863-7500
Resources Sustainability
Bekkers,  Kevin Director, Resources Sustainability Bible Hill 902-893-6363
Esau,  Carl Manager, Land Protection and Field Services Truro 902-893-6568
Bailey,  Julie Manager, Environmental Sustainability and Climate Change Bible Hill
Steele,  Cyrus Surveyor Bible Hill 902-896-2321
McGee,  Sabrina Program Administrator Bible Hill 902-896-2353
Bauchman,  Craig Aboiteau Superintendent Falmouth 902-798-5325
Gilbert,  Gary Aboiteau Superintendent Nappan 902-667-6466
Hingley,  Darrell Aboiteau Superintendent Bible Hill 902-893-6576
Smith,  David Aboiteau Superintendent Kentville 902-679-6019
Brenton-Gloade,  Susan Admin. Assistant Bible Hill
Sector Development and Innovation
Brooks,  Derrick Director, Sector Development and Innovation Bible Hill 902-896-2485
Muller,  Werner Manager, Sector Development Bible Hill
Putnam,  Paula Manager, Research and Innovation Bible Hill
Chandler,  Cheryl Resource Coordinator Mabou 902-945-2902
Vacant Administrative Assistant Bible Hill 902-893-6585
Agriculture and Food Education
Vacant Agricultural Education Coordinator Bible Hill 902-893-6598
Barrington-Hodgson,  Dawn Agricultural Education Liaison Bible Hill 902-893-7495
Vacant,  ThinkFARM Coordinator Bible Hill 902-893-7495
Vacant Agricultural Education Assistant Bible Hill 902-890-1912
Hanlon Smith,  Claire Select Nova Scotia Coordinator Bible Hill 902-893-4491
Industry Development and Competitive Transition
Sandeson,  Laurie Industry Development Coordinator Bible Hill 902-896-4338
Burkhard,  Nicole Agricultural Transition Officer Cornwallis 902-247-4350
Hennessey,  Jeff Business Development Officer Sydney 902-563-2418
MacPherson,  Terri Agricultural Transition Officer Antigonish 902-863-2087
Small,  Danny Business Development Officer Bible Hill 902-956-4463
Vacant,  Agricultural Transition Officer Bible Hill 902-896-1288
Wentzell,  Jeff Business Development Officer Kentville 902-824-0924
Young,  Ronald Agricultural Transition Officer Kentville 902-698-1545
Innovation and Acceleration
Vacant,  Coordinator, Innovation & Acceleration Bible Hill 902-896-2225
McCallum,  Darlene Program Administrative Officer Bible Hill 902-896-2207