Staff Directory: By Branch

As of July 1, the inspection, compliance and enforcement functions from several provincial government departments will come together under Nova Scotia Environment.

Departments involved in this consolidation include the Department of Natural Resources, the Department of Health and Wellness, the Department of Agriculture, Nova Scotia Environment, and the Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture.

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Department of Agriculture By Branch

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AG. & FOOD OPERATIONS: Agriculture and Food Advisory Services
Agriculture and Food Advisory Services
Flemming,  Julia Admin. Assistant (Animal Protection/Food Protection) Bible Hill 902-893-4642
Schofield,  Anna Admin. Support (Reception) Bible Hill 902-893-6530
Extension & Outreach
Grant,  Ruth Manager, Extension and Outreach Bible Hill 902-896-2329
Sooksom,  Rebecca Regional Services Coordinator Bible Hill 902-893-6584
Brenton-Gloade,  Susan Admin. Assistant (Land Protection/Extension & Outreach) Bible Hill 902-893-6555
MacNeil,  Ross Agriculture Leadership Coordinator Lunenburg 902-634-7575
Brown,  Kari Agriculture Leadership Coordinator Cornwallis 902-223-8085
Gillis,  Marina Agriculture Leadership Coordinator Sydney 902-563-2001
Hirtle,  Colin Agriculture Leadership Coordinator Kentville 902-679-6027
Hoyt,  Jacqueline Agriculture Leadership Coordinator Bible Hill 902-893-6586
MacDougall,  Rhonda Agriculture Leadership Coordinator Mabou 902-863-7501
Ag. Resource Coordinators / Admin.
Boyd,  L. Laureen Secretary Antigonish 902-863-4705
Chapelhow,  Gina Secretary Cornwallis 902-638-2395
Plumridge,  Catherine Secretary Sydney 902-563-2000
Theriau,  Cheryl Secretary Kentville 902-679-6021
Williams,  Marie Admin. Assistant Bible Hill 902-893-6575
Kittilsen,  Michael Agricultural Resource Coordinator Bible Hill 902-893-3645
Koziel,  Gary Agricultural Resource Coordinator Sydney 902-563-2000
MacCulloch,  Brian Agricultural Resource Coordinator Kentville 902-679-6006
McKay,  Terry Agricultural Resource Coordinator Cornwallis 902-247-4420
Wile,  Adam Agricultural Resource Coordinator Antigonish 902-863-7500
Land Protection
Bekkers,  Kevin Manager, Land Protection Bible Hill 902-893-6363
Esau,  Carl Agricultural Engineer Truro 902-893-6568
Steele,  Cyrus Surveyor Bible Hill 902-896-2321
McGee,  Sabrina Program Administrator Bible Hill 902-896-2353
Smith,  David Aboiteau Superintendent Kentville 902-679-6019
Bauchman,  Craig Aboiteau Superintendent Falmouth 902-798-5325
Hingley,  Darrell Aboiteau Superintendent Bible Hill 902-893-6576
Gilbert,  Gary Aboiteau Superintendent Nappan 902-667-6466
Value Chain Development
Brooks,  Derrick Manager, Value Chain Development Bible Hill 902-896-2485
Chandler,  Cheryl Resource Coordinator Mabou 902-945-2902
Andrews,  Denise Administrative Assistant Bible Hill 902-893-6585
Agriculture and Food Education
Grant,  Judy Agricultural Education Coordinator Bible Hill 902-893-6598
Barrington-Hodgson,  Dawn Agricultural Education Liaison Bible Hill 902-893-7495
Vacant,  ThinkFARM Coordinator Bible Hill 902-893-7495
Patriquin,  Stephanie Agricultural Education Assistant Bible Hill 902-890-1912
Hanlon Smith,  Claire Select Nova Scotia Coordinator Bible Hill 902-893-4491
Industry Development and Competitive Transition
Sandeson,  Laurie Industry Development Coordinator Bible Hill 902-896-4338
Burkhard,  Nicole Agricultural Transition Officer Cornwallis 902-247-4350
Hennessey,  Jeff Business Development Officer Sydney 902-563-2418
MacPherson,  Terri Agricultural Transition Officer Antigonish 902-863-2087
Small,  Danny Business Development Officer Bible Hill 902-956-4463
Vacant,  Agricultural Transition Officer Bible Hill 902-896-1288
Wentzell,  Jeff Business Development Officer Kentville 902-824-0924
Young,  Ronald Agricultural Transition Officer Kentville 902-698-1545
Innovation and Acceleration
Vacant,  Coordinator, Innovation & Acceleration Bible Hill 902-896-2225
McCallum,  Darlene Program Administrative Officer Bible Hill 902-896-2207