Staff Directory: By Division


Department of Agriculture By Division

Policy and Corporate Services
Walker,  Ernest Senior Director Bible Hill 902-896-4870
Hingley,  Beth Executive Secretary Bible Hill 902-893-6386
Hughes,  Heather Director Bible Hill 902-896-4872
Briggins,  David Sr. Corporate Policy Strategist Halifax 902-424-2571
Graham,  Jody Agreements Coordinator Bible Hill 902-896-4807
Jones,  Christina Policy Analyst Bible Hill 902-956-2800
Stadelmayer,  Lisa Senior Policy Analyst Bible Hill 902-896-4873
Forgeron,  Joanna Legislation and Policy Assistant Halifax 902-424-6128
Chopra,  Hema Senior Policy Analyst Bible Hill 902-893-6582
Brown,  Bettina Policy Analyst Bible Hill 902-896-4875
Nelson,  Karen Policy Analyst Bible Hill 902-896-4879
Devanney,  Michael Senior Policy Analyst Bible Hill 902-893-6388
MacLelllan,  Matthias Policy Analyst Bible Hill 902-896-4882
Plumstead,  Janice Policy Analyst Bible Hill 902-893-4568
Winn,  Rebecca Policy Analyst Bible Hill 902-755-5661
Corporate Services
Delaney,  Tim Manager Bible Hill 902-896-4878
Lucas ,  Melanie Records Analyst Bible Hill 902-896-4871
Osborne,  Theresa Corporate Services Coordinator Bible Hill 902-896-4876
Tobin,  Natasha Health & Safety Coordinator Bible Hill 902-896-4811
Stanford,  Sally Quality Assurance Bible Hill 902-893-7467
Sparrow,  Michelle Quality Assurance Bible Hill 902-893-6552
Hart,  Mary Receptionist Bible Hill 902-896-4860