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Nova Scotia Food Establishment Inspection Reports

There are approximately 5000 food establishments in Nova Scotia, including restaurants, takeouts, grocery stores and other food-service facilities. Based on a risk assessment, Food Safety Specialists visit each establishment one to three times a year. After each visit, the operator is provided with an inspection report that confirms they are in compliance with food safety regulations or requires them to take corrective action to address violations and food safety issues. The inspection report disclosure web site provides information to the public concerning the results of these inspections.

Routine inspections involve a thorough review of food sources and safe food handling practices as well as food handler training and staff hygiene. The construction and sanitary condition of the facility, equipment condition and function, dishware wash and sanitization, pest control, chemical storage, maintenance protocols, water supply potability and adequate sewage disposal are also examined. The information in these reports describes conditions found during the inspection and the inspection report disclosure web site details deficiencies found at that time. If not noted as a deficiency, all other aspects of the inspection were found to be in compliance with existing standards.

The reports that are located on this site are only for inspections completed after July 10, 2008. As more inspection reports are added, they will be available for a three-year period. In general, inspection reports will be posted to this site within three days of an inspection being completed.

Food establishment inspections are part of a comprehensive, three-prong approach to food safety in the province of Nova Scotia. The process includes government regulations, owner/operator processes and training, and consumer education and awareness. Periodic unannounced inspections are designed to reinforce operational procedures that will ensure safe food handling occurs everyday that customers are served. All aspects are meant to work together to facilitate best practices in the industry overall. Visitors are encouraged to browse the history of the establishment.

Although the information is thought to be accurate, the Province of Nova Scotia implies absolutely no warranty for its accuracy, completeness, or use. The Province shall not be held liable for any losses or damages, including lost profits, for the use of information within this website or information that can be accessed through this website.

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