Laws & Regulations

Links to the Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture Acts and regulations can be found below.


Agriculture and Marketing Act

Agricultural Marshland Conservation Act

Agriculture and Rural Credit Act

Animal Health and Protection Act

Animal Protection Act

Animal Protection Act (revisions)

Baby Chick Protection Act

Bee Industry Act

Cattle Pest Control Act

Crop and Livestock Insurance Act

Dairy Industry Act

Dalhousie University – Nova Scotia Agricultural College Merger Act

Farm Practices Act

Farm Registration Act

Fences and Detention of Stray Livestock Act

Fur Industry Act

Health Protection Act (Food Safety)

Imitation Dairy Products Act

Livestock Brands Act

Livestock Health Services Act

Margarine Act

Maritime Provinces Harness Racing Commission Act

Meat Inspection Act

Natural Products Act

Potato Industry Act

Provincial Berry Act

Provincial Soil Act

Sheep Protection Act

Agricultural Weed Control Act

Other Statutes

Agrologists Act

Federations of Agriculture Act

Fences and Impounding of Animals Act

Interpretation Act

Women’s Institutes Act

Regulations Act

Veterinary Medical Act


Farm Winery Policy PDF

Fish Processors and Fish Buyers License Policy

View the policy (Department of Fisheries & Aquaculture) >>

Routine Access Policy PDF

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