Provincial 4-H Events Calendar and Competition Information

Nova Scotia 4-H Show

Since 1977 a different county or region has hosted the Nova Scotia 4-H Show.

This annual family event is an excellent opportunity for the public to experience the 4-H youth leadership program in an interactive way. The Nova Scotia 4-H Show offers something for everyone and visitors will see 4-H members demonstrate the technical, livestock and life skills they learned throughout the year. Since the first show, this event has grown to accommodate approximately 40 projects, 90 classes, 2400 entries and 10,000 visitors. The Nova Scotia 4-H Show is open to the public and admission is free.

Nova Scotia has the largest 4-H show in Canada with all the exhibitors being 4-H members from 9 - 21 years of age.

4-H Weekend

During the annual 4-H Weekend in May, 4-H members compete in provincial public speaking, demonstrations and woodsman competitions at the Dalhousie Agricultural Campus in Truro.  

Young people enrolled in 4-H are trained at an early age to speak with poise and confidence. Many 4-H alumni credit the 4-H program with giving them the communication skills needed to be successful in adulthood.

The finale of the weekend event, 4-H Night in Nova Scotia, is where awards are presented for speeches, demonstrations, national 4-H conference opportunities and the Nova Scotia Friends of 4-H.  The provincial 4-H host and hostess and official youth representatives for Nova Scotia's 4-H program, are also selected there.

Information on the following can be found in the General Leader's Kit.

  • 4-H Theme Contest
  • Demonstration Rules and Guidelines
  • Entertainment Guidelines and Score Sheet
  • 4-H Host and Hostess Competition:
  • Public Speaking Rules and Guidelines
  • Rally Registration Sheet
  • Woodsman Competition Guidelines / Woodsman Skills

Camp Rankin

Competition Information

Information on the following can be found in the General Leader's Kit.

  • Record Keeping Competition
  • Recyclable Competition
  • Wool Competition
  • Poster Contest
  • Young Speakers for Agriculture
  • Rally Registration Sheet
  • Woodsman Competition