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Judging is an important part of 4-H work and a valuable skill. Judging requires 4-H members to look at four articles or animals, compare them to an "ideal" and each other, and evaluate them to place the class in order from first, or closest to the ideal, to fourth or furthest from the ideal. Members learn to choose the article/animal based on quality and develop reasons to support their choices. The members also learn the ideals or standards for their projects as well as the proper terms to use when referring to the animals or items.

The 4-H motto is particularly applicable to judging - the only way to learn to judge is by doing it and the way to improve is to practise. The more often a member judges the better he or she will become. Even members who are experienced in judging can benefit from a practice session, either by sharpening their skills in their project or trying a class in another project.


Members in livestock projects are required to complete showmanship with their animal in order to complete the 4-H year.  Members will learn this important skill which is unique for each project from their project leaders as well as from the Agriculture Leadership Coordinator. Please see the guide below for information on showmanship for most available livestock projects.

  • Click here to view the Livestock Showmanship Guide. (PDF)

Official 4-H Logos

Starting a New 4-H Club

  • Click here for information on starting a new 4-H club. (PDF)

General Leader Information


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Hints for Executives

Another aspect of 4-H is the knowledge of meeting procedures or parliamentary procedures. In each club members serve as the executive.

As a member of your 4-H club executive, you must do your best for the good of your club. The standard 4-H club officers are: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and Club Reporter.

Being chosen for one of these positions is a great honour, and the members of your club are counting on you to help your 4-H club be the best it can be.

  • Click here for tips for the various positions of club executive. (PDF)

Planning an Achievement Day

  • General Leader click here for information on planning your club achievement day.

Video Resources

A complete list of videos on various topics is listed in this online catalogue. These have been purchased and developed to provide resources and backup material for your 4-H project sessions.

  • Audio Visual Resources are only available for registered Nova Scotia 4-H Leaders.

If you are new to 4-H click here for some basic 4-H Facts!

4-H Family Guide

Click here to review information for new 4-H parents.

Record Sheet Tips

For new members or members who want to do a great job on their project record sheet, click here. (PDF)